We are from all corners of business life but share a common purpose – we want to be the driving force behind New Zealand’s future business legends. We love startups, we love Wellington and we love what we do.

All of us have direct business experience – we have been at the coal face and have experienced success and failure alike. We have:

  • built our own startup companies
  • raised angel funding and growth capital
  • taken a business into international markets
  • experienced the trials of big, fast business growth
  • worked deeply in an array of industries and sectors
  • experienced major export markets first-hand

Working with businesses in Creative HQ is unlike any other business-adviser relationship. We are co-located with most of our businesses, we experience their triumphs and challenges alongside them daily. It’s sometimes tough, and always inspiring.




Stefan Korn

Chief Executive

E: stefan.korn@creativehq.co.nz

P:  +64 4 381 4480  |M: +64 21 420 330

Stefan heads Creative HQ, and is as a leading influence in the startup ecosystem as a business founder, investor and champion of all things startup.

Stefan has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, an MBA in international business and an Honours Degree in Computer engineering. During his career in the corporate world Stefan ran large scale e-commerce platforms and managed complex business intelligence implementations for companies like HP, Oracle and InterContinental Hotels Group.

In 2007 Stefan founded the private incubator WebFund to make use of his business and e-commerce experience to help web-based Kiwi start-ups conquer the world. Stefan and his team have established a portfolio of successful start-ups which operate in Australia, the US and UK.

In 2010 Stefan was recognised as New Zealander of the Year by North & South Magazine for innovation in parenting education with one of Webfund’s startups DIYFather.com. Stefan is a founding investor of the digital accelerator Lightning Lab set up by Creative HQ and serves on a number of boards of profit and not-for-profit organisations.


Tui Te Hau

Programme Director

E: tui.tehau@creativehq.co.nz

P:  +64 4 381 4477  |M: +64 274 442 135

Tui runs Creative HQ’s programme development around incubation, acceleration and science commercialisation.

Tui has spent eight years at the coalface of New Zealand’s start-up community. Tui developed the strategy, setup and execution plan behind Lightning Lab and the Activate Business Training programme, including attracting investment and securing international accreditation with the Global Accelerator Network.

As a former NZ Trade Commissioner based in Melbourne, Tui built and developed critical knowledge in market contacts, market research and intelligence for New Zealand exporters. She was the Australia-wide sector expert for a number of sectors, including helping grow apparel exports by 83% over three years.

Alongside her grassroots startup and export expertise Tui has also worked in exporter education, Maori export development, economic development and policy, including holding advisory and governance positions around cultural intellectual property and employment.


Rebecca Hill

Operations Manager

E: rebecca.hill@creativehq.co.nz 

P:  +64 4 381 4471  | M: +64 27 245 2416

Rebecca makes Creative HQ go, streamlining life and making problems go away.

Rebecca has business in her blood. Launching her first business at the age of 19, Rebecca understands the intricacies of  owning a small business.   Rebecca set up and ran Colorpace Photolab for five years, before the realisation that her true passion lay in the management side of the business and spent the next four years managing a financial advisory firm specialising in international finance.

“Having owned and operated a small business, and working closely with others in the same boat, I understand the frustrations and challenges startups and business founders are experiencing.”


Nick Churchouse

Venture Manager | BCA, Post Grad Diploma Journalism

E: nick.churchouse@creativehq.co.nz

P: +64 4 381 4441 | M: +64 21 536 085

Nick puts Creative HQ out there, managing storytelling, media and communications and our role in the startup community.

Nick had stock market reports read to him as a kid, was cheap labour in the family firm before he turned 12, and learned the sharp end of business in commercial kitchens, atop steel girders and by pushing tourists into the Caribbean.

As a steel salesman in the 90s, Nick learned the trials of a low margin, high volume commodity market. In the super yacht industry he learned the value of a dollar to a billionaire and who you can rely on in a storm. Selling underwater photos to scuba divers taught him the importance of capturing a customer’s passion.   Impromptu singing to a crowd of 400 was a lesson in outsourcing skills you don’t have.

Business is about people, which is what draws Nick to this space. From a road side stall to a virtual trading platform, at the end of each transaction is one hand reaching out to another. A former financial and business journalist he saw big business at its best and worst, small businesses grow and fail, entrepreneurs try and win, deals fly and flop and international markets take New Zealand to task.




Alan Hucks

Business Strategist | BA, Post Grad Dip Industrial Design

E: alan.hucks@creativehq.co.nz

P:  +64 4 381 4478     | M: +64 27221 8883

Alan is Creative HQ’s gaming guru, design specialist and resident “sneaker-guy”.

Alan has turned his hand to everything from lecturing in industrial design and sailing the Caribbean to teaching snowboarding and starting several businesses.  His favourite saying is: “A good idea well executed is a very powerful thing indeed”.

In 2000, Alan started his first company, Paua2thePeople, providing functional art and design pieces for the home, which he ran in tandem with completing a post graduate diploma in Industrial Design at Massey University Design School.

Hucks Design Limited followed, a company aimed at manufacturing and promoting innovative New Zealand design products to the international market.   One of his enduring successes was launching the designchain product, a revolutionary storage system that is currently selling in high-end design stores in 14 countries.

In 2008, Alan founded Design Initiative Ltd, a design consultancy that facilitates the implementation of new technology or products into commercial reality by utilising design methodology. “By focusing on usability studies to build strategic partnerships and efficient business models, I was able to look at the big picture and determine the best way to plan commercialisation of new product concepts.”


David Allison

Business Strategist | Chartered Accountant, BSc (hons)

E: david.allison@creativehq.co.nz

P: +64 4 381 4448 | M:  +64 (0)21 394 019

Dave is the financial nous behind many of the deals out of Creative HQ and can plug a hole in a business model before breakfast.

Dave’s drive as part of the business strategist team at Creative HQ is helping startup founders to discover their business model and build their companies for global growth.

As manager of Wellington’s angel investment group Angel HQ, Dave also works closely with investors both locally and nationally, knows what makes a robust pitch, and how to build a plan to raise funds and grow startup businesses. He goes to pains to find simple language to describe business problems and propose solutions.

Dave is passionate about Wellington and is a familiar part of the local eco-system. He loves to make connections between people and organisations and has lots of experience in creating, managing and saving relationships.  Dave has a background in science and came to startups via chartered accountancy so he is as comfortable with a balance sheet and cashflow forecast as he is with a business model canvas.


Richard Taurima

Business Strategist

E: richard.taurima@creativehq.co.nz

P: +64 4 381 4442  | M: +64 (0)21 656 471

Richard puts a global perspective on sales and a harsh light on Creative HQ startups looking to make it internationally.

Richard is an experienced entrepreneur with a zest for sales.   He has developed his career with on a foundation of understanding people, with years of building relationships across diverse cultures and religion, understanding how expectations are set and met and how business is done from New Zealand to the world. Richard has co-owned a number of business from education, retail, and consultancy industries.

“Having lived in South East Asia and the Middle East has made me well aware of what it takes to succeed in these markets. A passion around exporting products and services is my key strength in informing, mentoring and developing businesses to get ready for the next step, the global step.”

Richard says business is a hard task but the key is to have a strong character, treat people they way you want to be treated and learn as you go.

“Globalisation is the status quo and the future of New Zealand success. The companies that succeed in this international market are helping our community grow and building a great country.”


Jill McCarthy

Business Associate

E: jill.mccarthy@creativehq.co.nz

P: +64 4 381 4476 | M: +64 21 232 1899

Jill is part of Creative HQ’s strategist team feeding the pulse of the incubator’s business growth programme.

Jill  has experience working with startups in the UK, and is an impact player within our strategy team, focusing on key initiatives with companies in the Creative HQ portfolio.

Jill completed a double degree in commerce majoring in Management and International Business, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History at Victoria University.  After University, she worked in Australia and UK for six years in financial services and ended up part of a small team running a last growth, market-leading technology company in London. She was part of the early stage growth phase from SME to global organisation.

Jill spent time travelling through Europe and Latin America and has witnessed the New Zealand brand on an international market.  Jill’s belief in the potential she has seen in NZ companies working on a global scale brought her to Creative HQ where she is already an integral part of the incubator and the Wellington startup community, supporting the buzz around startups, innovative entrepreneurs and driving NZ’s tech capital forward.




Dr Amanda Wiggins

Science Commercialisation Manager | PhD, BSc (Hons)

E: amanda.wiggins@creativehq.co.nz

P: +64 4 381 4484  | M: +64 (0)21 986 022

Amanda manages Creative HQ’s role in the science and research community through Return On Science.

Amanda’s thirst for a life at at the frontier of research and technology came from four years of leading-edge neuroscience research in San Francisco. The buzz of the San Francisco Bay Area – a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship led her to think “I want this for New Zealand!”.

At Creative HQ Amanda supports R&D projects in Wellington’s publicly funded research organisations through the commercialisation pipeline by providing commercialisation services to projects under the Return on Science programme.

Amanda has a PhD in Neuroscience and over ten years’ experience in research, science funding and strategy. She has plenty of interpersonal savvy with proven ability to build relationships, backed by strong analytical and planning skills.   Six years’ experience working in New Zealand’s science funding system has armed her with a deep knowledge of funding systems and public research organisations.


Dr Desi Ramoo

Commercialisation Partnership Manager | PhD, BSc(Hons)

E: desi.ramoo@creativehq.co.nz

P:  +64 4 381 4443     | M: +64 (0)21 0299 3588

Desi manages Creative HQ’s role in the science and research community with the MacDiarmid Institute.

Desi trained as a plumber and ran his own plumbing and heating business for seven years prior to obtaining his PhD in theoretical physics and working as a researcher at the University of Essex UK. In 2008, BRANZ offered Desi a research position and this saw him move, with his family, to New Zealand.

Desi’s role at Creative HQ is as the dedicated MacDiarmid Commercialisation Partnership Manager where he draws upon his breadth of knowledge of running his own business and the New Zealand research science community. He is frequently onsite supporting MacDiarmid researchers transition their science from the laboratory to a commercial outcome.





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