Ventures / Alumni

Current Ventures in our Incubation Programme

Opal3 is a web based tool set for monitoring and improving the performance of your people, teams, projects and your organisation. Its benefits include dashboarding, heatmapping, systematic collection/evaluation of ideas and one click reporting.

Eezapet is a premium pet health care solution that stops the itch fast!  100% natural, effective and made in NZ, Eezapet aims to bring instant relief to pet owners and their furry friends worldwide.

MightyGem is a real-time customer feedback platform for the hospitality industry allowing businesses to capture the conversation, private and direct before it goes online.

Fuelled provides a fast, flexible, user-friendly form of finance that lets growth businesses turn their outstanding receivables into cash.



Conduce is the online CNC machine-shop marketplace: taking your design from model to metal in a few clicks.

Flatfish was founded with the aim of improving the quality of rental properties in NZ. It’s the easiest way for tenants and landlords to work together to maintain their rental property.

The Misprint Co. is an impact enterprise, who works with businesses and schools repurposing their waste paper into good-looking notebooks.

PartTimer is an online service helping businesses to find part-time staff using both their real-time availability and proximity to each other.

Lightning Lab Cohorts 2013 and 2014

Kids Go Mobile focuses on giving parents email or SMS notifications about their child’s device activity, along with advice about how to mitigate the risks children face when using websites and apps.



Promoki is a platform that hosts collaborative media projects that inspire participation from the crowd. Promoki provides an engaging way for passionate fans to share their creativity and promote the brands they believe in.

Expander is a software company that developed Trust Codes. Trust Codes mark individual packaged products with unique QR codes that consumers can easily use to check product authenticity.

LearnKo is New Zealand’s biggest online teacher platform, providing 1-1 online English lessons for students that will study abroad. LearnKo connects international students to the world, giving better study and job opportunities.


Teamisto is a fundraising platform for managing, organising, and fundraising sports teams in a fun and simple manner.

Wipster is a intuitive video review and approval platform bringing frame accurate commenting to producers, content creators and media teams.

Publons was created to speed up science by making peer review faster, more efficient, and more effective. Publons works with peer reviewers, editors, and publishers to motivate reviewers by giving credit for peer review.



KEEN is a mobile app used for sharing offline activities that participants would like to do and spontaneously finding others who would like to join in, all in real time. KEEN is currently in private beta at University of Otago, NZ.

WaterGenie is a smart water management tool that helps households save water and money.

Floc is a smartphone app that anonymously tracks urban cellphone data to build predictive models around how operators will be affected by pedestrian traffic over a given timeframe.

Coachseek helps sports coaches manage their business better. Simple and easy to use, it helps coaches with all their scheduling, billing, messaging and client management. Coachseek takes all the admin pain away so sports coaches can do more of what they love.

CommonLedger is a universal translator of accounting data, making accountants’ software and compliance easy.

CloudCannon is the easiest way for web designers to deploy, host and maintain websites for clients. It doesn’t require any programming and fits in with the web designer’s existing workflow.

Cogo is a lightweight knowledge management system for SMEs. It integrates with the tools employees already use, allowing them to easily retain knowledge: making it searchable, accessible, and durable.

Creative HQ’s Alumni Companies

Established in 2002 – Cultureflow provide long term learning solutions for organisations committed to improving staff proficiency in Te Reo Maori. They work alongside large organisations like KPMG, Greater Wellington, Office of Treaty Settlements and the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.  Whilst also enjoying the privilege of working with not for profit community groups and schools throughout New Zealand.

Vizbot is a team of odd bods, yet they work exceptionally well together and deliver. Finalists and named Peoples Choice at IBM SmartCamp AKL, 2015, the team is bringing smart, simple technology to govt and have found a way to make building consents cost less by allowing businesses to see more. They have built a customer facing web platform that seamlessly integrates into existing council systems.

HydroWeb is a cloud platform for web development agencies to remotely manage their portfolio of custom-built websites. The HydroWeb framework helps designers gain the freedom to design beautiful, custom websites that developers can actually build and maintain.

Hunter Safety Lab is dedicated to creating smart, simple technology to prevent hunting accidents and save lives.

Innate Brands are formulators of natural ingredients offering a full product design and formulation service. Their services include formulating, problem solving, natural delivery systems and raw ingredients.

DeNada is designer clothing and fashion accessories for New Zealand women.

Silverstripe is a content management system (CMS) that includes a programming framework. As well as supporting the community that helps grow the open source project, Silverstripe work with a number of clients across government, banking, utilities and telecommunications.

Virtual Katy is a versatile and comprehensive conforming solution. Virtual Katy is used on everything from feature films to the 30-second spot, it massively accelerates the audio post production process by automating painstaking and cumbersome tasks.

OptimalExperience now part of PwC digital, it transforms your business in order to stay ahead of the rapid digital change.

Star Now aims to connect talent with casting professionals and castings, allowing them to land work. StarNow is the leading auditions and jobs website for actors & extras, models, dancers, photographers, crew, stylists, and musicians.

Webstruxure works with businesses to create powerful web strategy, web content and solutions for getting real results.

Karactaz Animation is a production studio creating character animation for TV, Film, Games, Commercials & Digital Media.

Paris House is a world-class, New Zealand brand; designing witty leather accessories. With the intention to make people smile.

Fiero Interactive is a professional game development services for smartphones, tablets and browsers. Fiero is creating interactive experiences worth sharing.

Innaworks  is the world’s leading supplier of mobile development tools, providing automated solutions for cross-platform porting and optimization.

Hire Things is the open marketplace for products, goods, places, services to hire and rent.

Gecko Press translates and publishes award-winning, curiously good children’s books from around the world.

Centruflow provides a platform for visual collaboration that allows people to make better decisions by revealing relationships between data as diagrams shown from multiple perspectives.

Dash Tickets is a fresh new ticketing solution currently electrifying the entertainment industry. Dash provides the tools to manage event ticketing from start to finish.

Footfalls & Heartbeats has developed a revolutionary and proprietary process for manufacturing smart fabrics that act as sensors.

That Horse was a online equestrian business selling horses and everything horse related.

Flexitime is a cloud-based NZ payroll, rosters, time recording and billing system that is very easy to manage.

Showcase Workshop is the mobile sales enablement solution.

I-zonely is a data loss protection that protects your digital content from misuse by packaging it in a high trust format.

Tacplans is an emergency management software application designed for emergency response and accessible within emergency management information systems.

Noble Bond Limited supplies and licenses scientific treatments and brands for use by woollen textile manufacturers and dyers.

My Infosafe helps you to organize and protect your personal information.

Iso Systems is developing a new base-isolator concept for low-rise and residential structures to mitigate damage caused by earthquakes.

Harvest Your Data is a mobile research company that offers a professional market research tool for face-to-face surveys and kiosk data collection.

AMB is a premium beverage company focussed on delivering branded wine products into new product categories through innovations in product and process development. The company’s initial product offering, Joiy , has been recognised as the first premium lifestyle wine in a ready to drink (RTD) format around the world.

Twingl builds tools that accelerate the evolution of human intelligence. Their first product, Trailblazer, is a web browser that helps you research, reflect, and learn.

MishGuru turns Snapchat into a marketing and communications tool for businesses. Plan, execute and track customer engagement on today’s #1 photo sharing platform.

Glassjar aims to solve the drama of shared accounts with its group expense management tool. Through a secure, online dashboard, Glassjar provides complete transparency of group finances.

Margin Fuel is a proven leader in the use of data analytics to drive increased profits. The company offers a suite of cloud-based, optimization applications that give companies real time information to significantly improve their pricing strategy and promotional strategies.

Eight Wire is a data management company that automates the process of moving business data into the cloud. Eight Wire’s software does all the IT work in the background, freeing your IT staff to focus on real issues.