Ben Kepes Explains What is Lean and Why You Should Care

This October Creative HQ is bringing the LEAN 15 conference to Wellington. Sixteen lean entrepreneurs with a diverse range of backgrounds will be speaking, including Christchurch’s Ben Kepes, who is also the MC of the event. For those wanting to know what is lean innovation and how to get the most out of applying lean methodologies to their business – non-profit to corporate, startups to government, LEAN 15 is the place to be.

Ben is the founder and Director of Diversity, a multifaceted business incorporating entrepreneurship and investment, interested in several industries including property, technology and manufacturing. He offers modern business approaches to organisations, utilising lean methodologies and technology to create integrated and flexible solutions. He consults, advises and enables traditional businesses to better meet the needs of the changing work environment. Ben is an industry leader, followed extensively for his experience and expert insight. Forbes, The Guaradian, ReadWriteWeb and Network World and others have all published his commentary on technology, mobile, and web agility. Lightning Lab, a product and business accelerator run by Creative HQ, is fortunate enough to have Ben as a mentor, helping startups iterate ideas and business models in what he calls the “embodiment of the lean approach”.

Ben has helped businesses big and small navigate towards a lean startup model, applying today’s technology to traditional businesses and fundamentally changing the way they work. He is a firm believer that government and corporates would benefit from a disruption in technology and thinking, and that applying lean innovation provides the flexibility needed for successful modern business.

The lean startup business model, an approach implemented often and effectively by Ben, is all about the minimal viable product. Originally thought up by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries, lean methodology was designed with startups in mind. It is all about creating maximum impact with minimum resources. This is rapid innovation at its finest. Businesses beyond startups are now realising the wide ranging benefits of lean innovation thinking. Lean analytics can be applied to existing businesses, public or private sector, to discover solutions far beyond the traditional business model. Ben Kepes, alongside fifteen other speakers from New Zealand and overseas including Georgiana Johnson, Cody Bunea and Alistair Croll, are explaining just how to do this at LEAN 15. This meeting of industry leaders and lean innovators is not to be missed.

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