Rod Snodgrass on Business Innovation Strategies for Startups and Corporates

Rod Snodgrass is one of sixteen experts on lean business coming together to bring us LEAN 15. The three-day conference has been coordinated by Creative HQ, and is a series of presentations, discussions and workshops, exposing attendees to new way of thinking about business. Corporates, government, service industries and non-profits all have something to take away from this inspiring event. Lean methodologies are rapidly being adopted by traditional big businesses, and LEAN 15 is your chance to find out why you should too.

Rod has played a major role in New Zealand’s telecommunications industry, being a part of Telecom (now Spark) for almost two decades. He is currently the CEO of Spark Ventures, the digital innovation department, and led Telecom’s rebrand to Spark. He will be speaking about the Spark story at LEAN 15, sharing how he used agile and lean methodologies, like failing fast, to transform a major New Zealand corporate, and the opportunities lean provided to build a successful digital footprint. Rod is a man passionate about the Internet, and his vast experience with communication technologies and digital innovation gives him a valuable insight for attendees of LEAN 15.

As well as his work for Spark, Rod has previously been involved in a number of Boards in the telecommunications industry, including Boards of Mobile World Capital Advisory Board, Telco Futures Forum, Southern Cross Cables, XtraMSN and Yahoo!Xtra in NZ and AAPT and 3 Mobile in Australia. It is safe to say he knows the industry intimately, not only in New Zealand but on a global scale too.

Rod, like the other lean entrepreneurs at LEAN 15, uses agile and lean innovation to discover business opportunities and disrupt thinking. The concept of Lean, offered by Eric Ries of Silicon Valley, was initially designed to cater to the needs of startups, offering speedy innovation, lots of testing, and quick elimination of bad ideas in the process of business and product development. The goal is to discover the minimum viable product, as quickly and cheaply as possible. The benefits of the lean startup business model are now being harnessed by businesses beyond just startups, including big businesses like governments and corporate. Spark is one great example of this, which you can hear Rod speak about this October at LEAN 15 in Wellington.