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New to the Wellington community or just interested in learning more about the start up space?

Check out our Startup Garage event series to get involved and visit Built in Wellington to keep up on the latest news from the community.

Another useful resource is our e-newsletter: Straight Up, a monthly startup resource that revolves around feeding the New Zealand startup ecosystem with useful insights from local ventures and mentors. We’ve found that people in our network are often asking us the nitty gritty questions around how to actually go about starting a startup and Straight Up aims to provide tips and tricks from those who have been there/done that.

Each month will centre around a different theme that early stage ventures struggle with – finding a team, validating your market, raising funding and growth hacking to name a few.
honest resource for nz startup ecosystem
Check out our article on the ins and outs of startup funding in New Zealand for a taste of what Straight Up has to offer.

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