Current Businesses

Creative HQ’s investment in its portfolio companies is not a passing commitment. It’s a partnership. The businesses below represent those we see are worth the investment. Creative HQ also has several science ventures under development with its partner institutions – shaping and proving science into a marketable product.  More information on science commercialisation

Companies who have been through Creative HQ are growing  on average 40% per annum.  Check out our Exits

Here is our current crop of startup businesses.




Eight Wire Limited’s product CONDUCTOR fixes the common data errors and formatting inconsistencies that bring conventional IT solutions to their knees and removes the need for on-call technical teams to build and support them.

Eight Wire was born of two founders with 35 years of data consulting under their belt. Based on that experience, they created Conductor, a SaaS application that removes the risk and expense of integrating or moving data between databases, files, and the cloud. Tasks that would take weeks to build can be done in hours saving them thousands in IT costs.



PriceTech is a proven leader in the use of data analytics to drive increased profits. Our suite of cloud-based, optimization applications give companies real time information to significantly improve their pricing strategy and promotional strategies.



Formulators of a range of  innovative animal care products such as sanitisers, deodorisers, and cleaning products. All products are biodgradable and non-toxic, leaving the animals residue-free.    



Noble Bond

Noble Bond’s unique scientific treatments for wool and other fibres bond silver and gold to wool at the molecular level. Noble Bond supplies and licenses scientific treatments and brands for use by woollen textile manufacturers and dyers.

Their silver treatment brand NgaPure gives wool antimicrobial properties meeting a growing need by public transport, medical and active wear markets to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Their gold treatment brand Aulana brings a unique and desirable quality to luxury wool markets.


Archer McRae


Joiy is a refreshingly light, radical sparkling wine beverage.  Targeting social drinkers who may not necessarily enjoy the taste of beer or cider, Joiy is a highly innovative product offered in single serve 250ml bottles with vibrant packaging, and low alcohol content.  Joiy has been recognised as the first premium lifestyle wine in a ready-to-drink (RTD) format around the world.



Wetox is a continuous process based upon catalysed wet air oxidation. In a specially designed reactor, under high pressure and temperatures the sludge is deconstructed to its base components such as water, carbon dioxide and carboxylic acid.   With Wetox, valuable nutrients and minerals are released and can be recovered for reuse. Wetox also has the potential to capture heat from the reaction turning it into electricity.


PIM Software

The team at PIM is building software that puts the individual back in control of their own personal information. Their cloud based vault provides a secure location to store and utilise your personal data making you the steward of your own identity and controlling how you share data with vendors and service providers.


Global Review of Wellbeing

GROW (Global Review of Wellbeing) uses recognised but advanced techniques to measure psychological wellbeing, or happiness.  We can tell if you or your team are as happy as you can be, and we can tell you what you can do about it.


ISO Systems

ISO Systems produces a patent-pending base-isolation system for low-rise and residential property.



Fiero Interactive

Fiero produces game-based solutions for business problems to help engage customers and enhance marketing ROI and cut-through.


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