FOCUS Framework

FOCUS Framework gives you a proven process to make your startup idea solid.

FOCUS is an easy-to-use package of tips, worksheets, prompts and templates – designed as a step-by-step process to help you build a validated, sustainable and scalable business.

If you’re working with a raw idea, a fledgling business or an established startup looking to grow – FOCUS works.

For US$99, you’ll have at your disposal leading-edge tools used by startup founders, sales people, market hustlers, and entrepreneurs all over the world.


Devised by Justin Wilcox, founder of Customer Dev Labs, FOCUS is a practical package of tools and scripts to use in your customer validation, business development journey.It comes in a 5-part package, all with template worksheets, easy step-by-step processes and questions to guide your business development:

Part 1: Finding early adopters

Answers the question of “Is there a problem to solve?”. Find the right customers for you.

Part 2: Offer testing

Discover what people actually need, how that might look as a product or service, and tests it as a solution.

Part 3: Currency testing

“Will customers pay for it?”
Uncover what value means to customers and how that will translate into revenues.

Part 4: Utility testing

“How to solve the problem/build the product and service?”
Understanding and experimenting with delivering solutions that people will pay for, and love.

Part 5: Scaling

How to turn the volume up on all that. Scaling to Victory.

Having worked with 100s of startups over the past decade, Creative HQ fully endorses this approach as world-leading for early stage ideas, and the Creative HQ team can support you through the process.

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  1. How do I apply the FOCUS Framework? FOCUS is comprised of step by step exercises and interactions. You can choose your start point, or take it from ground zero.
    When is the FOCUS Framework applicable for my business?
    With five chapters framed for different stages of business development, you will find tools and templates applicable to all business stages, even if your business if well-established and you’re not afraid to improve how you do things.
  2. How long will the FOCUS Framework take to complete? This is up to you. FOCUS requires you to get stuck in with customers, and build your business as you learn what the market needs and will pay for. Each stage is about developing customer insights through experiments and building the products or services customer actually want.
  3. Can we reuse or share the FOCUS Framework? Share it with your team absolutely – but beyond that, please don’t. This is a fantastic platform of tools, templates, scripts and insights developed by Customer Dev Labs. The US$99 purchase price is awesome value.
  4. When can I start? Right now – sign up here.