Growth Hacking Techniques for New Zealand Startups

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“Growth Hacking is a mindset, that means anyone in any industry can do it right now!” This is the message that you are greeted with landing on Asa’s website Growth Hacking Nation. Asa Cox is not only a Co Founder of Intela AI, but also a skilled Growth Hacking Strategist. He is a persistent hacker who is passionate about finding ways to test ideas, connect with key decision makers and get stuff done without many resources or time. He thinks differently than most, so for this months’ Straight Up, we picked his brain on growth hacking tricks to help your business get ahead with zero budget, or at least give you a place to start.

What impact does Growth Hacking Nation have on startup businesses? 

The techniques are designed to benefit those companies who need to grow or establish online sales with zero budget; that can have a significant impact on startups locally or globally.

growth hacking nation

What are the fundamentals of the Growth Hacking mindset?

Identifying, testing and executing growth opportunities that are repeatable, measurable and sustainable. These ideas can be small improvements or large strategic projects, they can (and should) be generated from all customer facing activities of a company. The hacking part is about being focused on the goal and not the route to it; growth is the only success criteria.

What do you see for the future of Growth Hacking?

For it to become a mainstream model for businesses to focus on; the integration of markets, sales, customer experience and operations.

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Have you come across any challenges working this way? 

Those that have very little belief that digital growth can be achieved by offline companies. In our view, the majority of companies these days should actually have an ‘online first’ strategy, around which sales and marketing activities are built. Doubting the potential of an online lead generation just forces us to start from scratch and educate the client on the growth that could be delivered to their business.

What advice would you give to a tech startup looking to grow their company?

Tech startups are in prime position to benefit from growth hacking; the cost of creating a minimal viable product (MVP), launching a beta, testing, learning and improving, is relatively low. In addition, data can be collected at every single step and for every user interaction; resulting in a clear picture of how to optimise each growth activity. Establishing process and measurement criteria for success in marketing is not something most tech startups consider, but they really should. Finding a hack that works could be the difference between failure and success.

How does Growth Hacking offer up new possibilities and perspectives to solve problems?

Measure and optimisation are the foundations of growth hacking. If something isn’t working, tweak it and try again. This is true for UI/UX, marketing content, sales emails, support calls… everything. This mindset helps break down problems into actionable parts and also forces a company to view everything from the customer/user viewpoint.

Can you offer us any Growth Hacking techniques that we could implement today?

There are so many to choose from; growth hacking is all about quick and easy implementations.

I’ll give 3 examples:

1) Always create a landing page for each google advert; focus its content exclusively on the keywords and test for conversion to a simple single call to action.

2) Identify one way to reach a highly attractive group of potential customers; eg a LinkedIn group, a hashtag or Facebook audience and promote to it meticulously until revenue from engagement is predictable.

3) Collect prospect email addresses at every possible opportunity; a mailing list is the most powerful free sales tool available.

growth hacking nation

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