Startup sessions

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Creative HQ’s Startup Sessions is a 6-week workshop for new entrepreneurs looking to validate a business idea and learn the basics of building a business. Held once a week for two hours, each sessions is based on best practices from around the world and will introduce you to successful startup techniques and methodologies.  Over the six weeks we cover the following with you, based on a practical implementation on your business idea.

Week 1: Intro – Using lean methodology, tools – your business canvas – Goal: Clearly map your business journey

Week 2: Customer Development – testing, surveying, validation – Goal: Strongly validate and populate your customer set

Week 3: Customer data – integrate insights into business plan – intro to minimum viable product – Goal: Integrate customer feedback into product plan

Week 4: MVP testing, developing, data – market positioning – Goal: Work product testing outcomes into business value proposition

Week 5: Value proposition, marketing proposition – customer acquisition – pitch intro – Goal: Translate value proposition into marketing proposition

Week 6: Pitching your proposition – Goal: Fit your marketing proposition into a live pitch

Each individual’s experience will be different, but we aim to give you a firm validated view of how much potential your startup idea/business has, and what you need to take it to the next level.

To learn more about pricing and to find out when the next Startup Sessions is taking place, please get in touch with Alan Hucks,