Corporate Acceleration

In 2012, Creative HQ founded New Zealand’s first digital accelerator, Lightning Lab, to foster the rapid development of entrepreneurs and startups in the digital space. Over 3 months, we guide 12 teams through rigorous learning, mentoring and business development that quickly turn concepts into businesses with global potential. In just 2 years, Lightning Lab has produced 19 startups which have raised more than $4.4 million in private investment.

With the growing need for large organisations to bring innovative ideas, products and services to market quickly, we have adapted the Lightning Lab model for corporates.

Our corporate acceleration programme provides a tailored “Lightning Lab” acceleration experience for (project) teams in organisations that are interested. The 3-month programme removes the status quo, rules and roadblocks so teams can develop, test and validate disruptive ideas with the ultimate aim to provide a compelling pitch and product/service demonstration to senior executives in the organisation.

Through corporate acceleration, we can significantly increase the delivery speed of internal projects and improve the level of customer acceptance for large organisation.

To learn more about these services, please contact Stefan Korn,