Corporate incubation

Creative HQ’s corporate incubation services provide the structure and methodologies for a select team within large organisations to rapidly validate and execute a new product or service idea.

Our incubation programme is held onsite at Creative HQ where we provide a conducive work environment for corporate teams that allows them to develop and test uninhibited creative solutions. The programme introduces corporate teams to the “Lean Startup Methodologies” and provides teams with support from our startup mentors and coaches.

As teams go through rapid cycles of developing “minimum viable products” and market validation until they achieve “product/market fit,” team members will gain first-hand knowledge of employing startup thinking to solve a problem. This startup mentality will be instilled in the team and can be shared with the rest of the organisation at the end of the incubation programme.

Through corporate incubation, we can greatly improve the success rate of projects, especially complex projects that have not made any progress, and enhance an organisation’s ability to innovate.

To learn more about these services, please contact Alan Hucks,