Creative HQ’s “Innovation as a Service” follows an international mega trend that sees incubators teaming up with corporates and government to significantly improve the quality and degree of innovation within an organisation. A natural starting point for innovation is “coming up with a good idea” which is what we offer with our Ideation service.

Large organisations are often taken out of business by new ventures with seemingly ingenious ideas that replace existing products/services and better fit with current customer preferences. But large organisations can use the same techniques startups use provided they are used correctly and in the right environment. Through ideation, we help large organisations make use of “startup thinking” to develop and test innovative ideas that are embraced by customers and also enthusiastically supported by staff.

The following case study of our recent work with Inland Revenue on the APP4IR competition demonstrates the use of “Crowdsourcing” as part of the ideation services we offer.

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The APP4IR Challenge: A Brief Case Study

CHQ-CS_Ad-Email-FIn early 2014, Inland Revenue (IR) looked for ways to improve communication and engagement with its customers and develop opportunities to take a fresh approach to the way it solves business problems. More than 420,000 small businesses deal regularly with IR on company tax, GST, PAYE, and other matters. Historically, relations between these two parties have been cumbersome, ineffective and time-consuming. Through startup thinking, Creative HQ has potentially saved IR millions of dollars over the next year.

Creative HQ suggested an innovation crowdsourcing competition to tap into the rich pool of local talent represented in New Zealand’s startup ecosystem and creative industries. Creative HQ has facilitated startup-based innovation for over 10 years and deeply understands the innovation potential for large organisations represented by entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

App4IR WinnersThe resulting 5-week long “APP4IR” competition received 311 registrations, 53 submissions and concluded with a “Dragon’s Den” style event for six final teams, where one winner was picked by a high calibre panel of judges. The winning team took home $10,000 for their proposed application design and is currently collaborating on the app’s final development and rollout with IR.

The APP4IR challenge has had far reaching positive impacts for everyone involved; IR was seen as innovative, inclusive, customer-centric and transparent. Participants felt that they were finally able to partake in a procurement processes that drew the government’s attention to local talent readily available within New Zealand. Creative HQ once more demonstrated its critical role as facilitator between startups and large organisations to drive innovative solutions for a high achieving New Zealand economy.