Lean Entrepreneurship: Changing the Way We Look at Education – Chris Clay

Chris Clay is one of sixteen lean entrepreneurs speaking at the upcoming LEAN 15 conference in Wellington, New Zealand. This event, delivered by Creative HQ, is a chance to learn about lean startup methodologies, the future of business, and how these tools are relevant not only to startups, but non-profits, services, government and corporates too. The event runs in early October at the Michael Fowler Center, with early bird tickets available now.

Equipped with around 15 years of experience in the education sector, Chris Clay has experienced, witnessed and in turn influenced the way we approach learning. He is dedicated to questioning current teaching methods and producing diverse education systems that best meet the needs of 21st century learners. One key platform for this innovation is The Mind Lab by Unitec, where Chris is the founding Education Director. This New Zealand social enterprise is changing the way we look at learning, offering postgraduate courses to teachers, as well as holiday programs for curious kids. These offerings are opportunities to learn the digital and collaborative approaches that better suit the modern classroom, unlocking potential for both teachers and students to discover alternative pedagogies and redefine what learning looks like.

Chris is having a transformational effect on the future of education through his work with The Mind Lab by Unitec, starting the critical conversation about education and executing the disruption of traditional practice. The programmes that he has developed are grounded in lean innovation thinking, which is in essence, the minimal viable product. The concept of ‘Lean’ was born in Silicon Valley by entrepreneur Eric Ries, and is all about rapid innovation – creating maximum impact with minimum resources at extreme pace. The lean business model was initially designed to suit startups, but people are now realising that this kind of modern entrepreneurial thinking is applicable much more widely.

The LEAN 15 conference is making this knowledge accessible to anyone, from startups to multinational corporates, government and anyone in between. No matter the business size, there is always value to be gained from lean methodology application and harnessing the MVP model to service rapidly changing customer needs. Hear from Chris Clay, an entrepreneur actively implementing lean practices to disrupt thinking at LEAN 15 this October, alongside other thought leaders including Christina Wodtke, Josh Seiden, and Justin Wilcox. LEAN 15 is the perfect chance for big business to learn why the lean approach changes everything.