Labs to boardrooms. Scientists to marketers. Smarts to success.

Creative HQ is working with leading innovators in the science and technology sector, helping hone the commercial edge of frontier research and technology initiatives.

Wellington is home to some of the most highly specialised technologies, with numerous companies and institutions driving the bleeding edge of innovation. Creative HQ’s commercialisation experience has been extensive and successful in various industries, consumer focused, digital, software, and sci-tech. We are engaged with Public Research Organisations, individuals and companies to bring that expertise to bear on world class ideas and intellectual property born from New Zealand.


The offering is built to specific needs, bringing years of commercialisation expertise and a market-led approach to complement and supplement existing capabilities. Tailored advice and support packages around specific needs are the way our team works with science and research bodies and teams, to find the avenues to success.


Creative HQ’s capability is driven by two specialist science commercialisation experts, Amanda Wiggins and Desi Ramoo.

These two have experience in the commercialisation of research, science and technology-based innovation, and possess deep networks throughout industry. They bring inside knowledge of the publicly-funded innovation system and the wider private system, and have been involved in a range of innovative startups.

Creative HQ’s wider networks capture some of Wellington’s leading chemists and engineers, a resource invaluable to the varied and specialist initiatives we are assisting. See our team here.


Research commercialisation champion Sir Paul Callaghan’s call to action showcases Wellington as a burgeoning centre for high tech business which is equal or better to anywhere else in the world.

Creative HQ want to build more diversity into Wellington’s global business Roll of Honour, finding the sci-tech equivalent of Weta Digital, and a host of new Magriteks and Matakinas.



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