We believe in the power of community. The stronger our ecosystem, the bigger our impact.

In addition to backing great startups, Creative HQ supports events, meetups and initiatives promoting entrepreneurship in New Zealand. We know who’s hot, what’s new and how to drum up excitement. We have deep experience with all aspects of events, including:

  • Organisation and facilitation
  • Programme ideation and development
  • Guest speakers
  • Event space
  • Promotion

Interested in learning more about how we support events and entrepreneurial initiatives? Reach out to Nick Churchouse,

TEDx Wellington

As a sponsor of the recent TEDx Wellington, we created an interactive experience where attendees exchanged an idea for a coffee. An offline experience, attendees wrote ideas on stickers and then placed them on huge cloud boards on display in the breakout space. The ideas fit with the TEDx theme of connecting hearts and minds: how we can ignite Wellington’s heart and soul, nurture our brilliant minds and to better connect to the world.

Creative HQ then took these ideas one step further, identifying themes and creating an actionable list for attendees to reflect upon and achieve.

Special Speaker Event with Alan Schaaf

In Wellington to speak at TEDx, Creative HQ secured keynote speaker Alan Schaaf for a special speaking event. Held at BizDojo, Creative HQ hosted a 30 minute Q&A with Alan where he talked about founding, and the story of how he’s got to where he is now. The event offered unparalleled access to startup idol who offered insight and advice to the 100+ attendees in the room.

Startup Weekend

As a partner and facilitator of Startup Weekend, Creative HQ helps create the entire experience start to finish. It’s 54 hours of entrepreneurial fun, learning and more than a little madness and we work hard to get the best mentors, judges and venues to make the event great.

We recently led Wellington Startup Weekend EDU, the first Education focused Startup Weekend in New Zealand, as well as the first ever Queenstown Startup Weekend.

(Video credit: Idealog)