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Operating in Central Wellington, Creative HQ incubates the region’s businesses, helping accelerate their growth and prepare them for global expansion. We are open to any and all ideas and have great experience working with businesses in a multitude of industries including:

IT, web, publishing, digital media, SaaS, recruitment, mobile apps, financial services, FMCG, food and beverage, apparel and various technologies including nanotech, cleantech and bio-sciences.

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How do we help grow your business?

First, we help you determine what you need to grow a great startup company. Ventures can go through the Startup Sessions to validate the potential for their business before they decide to go in boots and all.

For the startup teams with a strong sense of why, where, what and who are looking for more or different support, Creative HQ can bring you into a vital entrepreneur community surrounded with the help and support you require. We help you set your objectives and goals, then review your progress and leverage our team, resources and networks to help you meet your goals and objectives. The type of support you get will vary depending on your circumstances, but will include invaluable oversight of our business strategist team, access to a range of professional service partners at startup rates and the insight of years of experience building startups from the ground up.

We actively support you through the challenges you face as an entrepreneur in business, and help you contain the risks and costs that come with being an innovative early stage venture. We will work with you to:

  • Test ideas and build a strong value proposition for big markets
  • Build a strategy and plan for business growth
  • Build the foundations that will support high growth
  • Fund your plan and get resources you need to deliver
  • Expand internationally to new markets.

As part of Creative HQ’s community, our team is totally committed to your success.  Check out our team.


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