Over the years we have learned what ventures need and how to help them succeed – we know that sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a huge difference. 

Our Network

Creative HQ has built a valuable  network of professionals, advisors, and entrepreneurs between the incubator, science commercialisation team and Lightning Lab’s mentor network to provide you and your business the right help at the right time.

Our Team

Working with Creative HQ you will have access to an entire team of business specialists, experienced individuals who have diverse skills across a wide range of industries, disciplines and startup experiences. See our team here.


To grow a stellar business there is no question that you will need money. Creative HQ has significant experience raising capital. Preparation, strategy, knowing who to approach, and having a great business opportunity that people want to invest in are the keys to successful capital raising.

We work with startup ventures on their funding strategy and prepare them to put forward the best case to investors. There are no shortcuts, but we know what to do, have built strong relationships with investors in the market and have multiple investment pathways within New Zealand and internationally.

Angel HQ

Angel HQ connects mainly Wellington-based, high net-worth investors with the most exciting and dynamic early stage companies. These “angel” investors provide seed capital for startup businesses – usually in exchange for equity – and can also bring business skills, connections and other forms of assistance.

Angel HQ is also the gateway to the national angel network so they have the opportunity to syndicate, or source investment, for deals from angels outside the region. Apply to Angel HQ.

Microsoft Bizspark

Creative HQ is a partner with Microsoft BizSpark and helps you access the tools you need to build a digital startup fast and well. Check out BizSpark here.


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