From Wellington to the US Presidential campaign is a huge leap to make. But Wellington-based open source content management system (CMS) developer SilverStripe did just that when their software was used to power the US Democratic National Convention website last year……read more.



Optimal Usability

If you build it, they will come…But will they find it a positive experience? That was the impetus behind Optimal Usability, a Wellington business that has achieved annual growth of 300-400% and in 2008 was ranked New Zealand’s 27th fastest growing company and Wellington’s faster growing exporter… more.


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From humble beginnings, deNada has grown in leaps and bounds – Nada now designs around 4,500 garments a year, the business supports seven staff and growth has increased around 14-18% even during the recession. And in November 2009, Nada opened her second store in Petone.  “It took a number of years to get there, but we now have a profitable and sustainable business. We’re predominantly self-funded, and have been all the way through.”….read more.




“Coming from a web background, we thought that surely there must be a website where performers can find auditions and casting directors can find and cast talent. But we couldn’t find anything, so we realized we had a great opportunity to create something that was unique, had a ready market and, most importantly, could really help people”….read more.



Accepting Supporting Gold at the Gold Awards 2011:



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