Got an idea for a new business?

Creative HQ works with the region’s brightest business minds, helping them turn their ideas, technology and innovation into commercial success

  • Do you have a brilliant business idea, certain it has high growth potential but you’re stumped about how to get it off the ground and cranking?
  • Are you sitting on a great innovation or technology and need the expertise and connections to commercialise it?
  • Are you already a successful business looking to develop a new opportunity but you’ve forgotten how to innovate?

Creative HQ will help you build your idea, compile a great team, secure customers and capital and make that successful transition from idea to market.

The transition can be perilous, which is why it is often called the business valley of death. We know the shortcuts, have experienced the pitfalls and overcome the obstacles and will do everything we can to help you navigate smoothly to the other side and beyond.

If you can demonstrate the determination and brilliance we are looking for, contact us today. We can’t guarantee that you and your idea will be accepted, but we encourage you to put forward your proposition – no matter how wildly ambitious it seems – in this game, boldness is key to success, contact us.



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