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Next round: Aug 21 – Sept 25 2014 

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Talking through your startup idea is critical, but at some point you have to do something about it. If you’re not sure where to start, want to test your business plan, or learn what it takes to drive it into a successful venture – Startup Sessions are for you.


Startup Sessions will make you a better startup founder – A six-week programme for entrepreneurs looking to find out whether their idea is worth sinking their love, life and cash into. You will:

  • discover the value your idea has;
  • build a validated understanding of your market; 
  • structure a business model;
  • understand how to impress investors;
  • and have your pitch near-perfect.

Session 1: The Lean Method – business model design, customer development, and agile engineering.
Session 2: Customer Development – improve your insights about your product and the market by understanding your hypotheses and testing it with your target customers.
Session 3: Validation experiments – entrepreneurial science and looking for the insights in data.
Session 4: Minimal Viable Product – building and testing pieces of the product incrementally and iteratively.
Session 5: Customer Acquisition – how to get, keep and grow your customer base.
Session 6: Pitching – what is your story and why should I care?

Each week holds a two-hour workshop alongside dedicated 1:1 sessions with our business strategists, designed to discuss and compare startup thinking around your idea and validate your startup concept. Your homework is executing your idea, and moving it forward each week.

Cost: $750+gst for up to two co-founders for the whole series.

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