Startup Sessions

Next round starts: Early 2014 

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Talking through your startup idea is critical, but at some point you have to do something about it. If you’re not sure where to start, want to test your business plan, or learn what it takes to drive it into a successful venture – the Startups Sessions are for you.

Be a better founder

The Startup Sessions will make you a better startup founder – A five-week programme for entrepreneurs looking to find out whether their idea is worth sinking their love, life and liquidity into. It includes:

  • Weekly practical workshops designed to teach, discuss and compare
  • Proven frameworks and method to build/strengthen your business case
  • Support from other entrepreneurs and Creative HQ startup strategists
  • Check-ins each week building market value and tangible foundations for your idea
  • Focused timeframe to kickstart the pathway to building your startup

Each week holds a two-hour workshop, designed to teach, discuss and compare startup thinking from your idea, others’ experiences and Creative HQ’s expertise from helping build more than 80 startup companies. Your homework is executing on the idea and moving it forward.

The cost is $500 + gst for up to two seats for the whole five weeks. Bring your co-founder and your mojo.

Within the five-week span you will discover what value your idea has, strengthen your knowledge of who your market is, structure a business model, understand how to impress investors, and have your pitch near-perfect.

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