Creative HQ’s assessment criteria focuses on the elements that give startups the best chance of success. Founding a startup is a fast track to CEO, but is hard and prone to failure. We can help you get there, but you are the person that will make it happen. Do you have what it takes?


A founding team can help you get started with less capital, and execute with more speed and flexibility. Have you lined up the right team?


A clear statement of your company’s strategy should provide a simple explanation of who your customers are, what you are offering them, how your products provide them with unique benefits, and how you will make money. Is the environment is right for your new business?


Do you know how to recognise your target customers? Validate your market by knowing who your customers are to understand and anticipate their needs


Do you have a plan for your minimum viable product? Most business ideas build on concepts that have already been attempted. Have you researched companies that have done things similar to yours to understand what works and avoid what doesn’t?


What are the primary ways you expect to attract customers and test the market? If you can attract customers in a cost-effective, repeatable way, you’ll be able to grow and generate profits.


The basic numbers behind how you’ll make money are the easiest to calculate, and the most important to understand.


Startups are inherently risky, so you’ll want to do everything possible to understand what could go wrong, and how to maximize your chances of success. Establish goals and analyse risks


An implementation plan helps you, your team, your advisors and investors agree on what you’ll do next, and how you’ll measure success. To what extent do you have an implementation plan for the next six to 12 months?

If you can demonstrate the determination and brilliance we are looking for, contact us today. You can have an informal chat with our team at Startup Head2Head or if your idea is exactly that, still an idea, you should also consider attending our Startup Sessions. You can also meet with one of your business strategists to get a taste for how we work.


We can’t guarantee that you and your idea will be accepted, but we encourage you to put forward your proposition – no matter how wildly ambitious it seems – in this game, boldness is key to success.



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