50 Up

A free pilot programme for people aged 50+

Am I eligible to apply?

  • Are you based in the Wellington region?
  • Aged over 50?
  • Are you new to starting a business?
    This programme is for people who don’t currently own a business.
  • Have you got an idea for a business?
  • Do you need new knowledge, connections, and confidence to help you progress?
  • Are you ready to commit to the programme?

Applications are now closed.

Key dates

26 May, 12pm Applications closed

06 Jun All applicants notified

20 Jun Programme starts

01 Sep Programme ends

What to expect

The selected cohort will join us once a week for 12 weeks at our welcoming space in Wellington, starting on Tuesday 20 June to:

We take a “learn by doing” approach to all our support and capability-building services. We don’t just focus on theory, people in our programmes apply their learning and make real progress on their entrepreneurial journey. Along the way we help people understand the jargon of entrepreneurship and connect them with a range of other supports.

Explore the links above to discover more about us and the community you’ll work with during the programme.

If you have any questions, please contact Senior Innovation Specialist, Josie Glasson.

This pilot programme is funded by Te Tari Kaumātua Office for Seniors.

Selection process

Here’s the full selection process for the programme. After applications close on Friday 26 May at 12pm:

  • All eligible applications will be anonymised.
  • A selection panel of three people will independently score all applications.
  • Their scores will be based on the short answer questions in the application form:
    Selection questionsLengthScore
    What problem are you looking to solve with your idea?200 words20 marks
    Who experiences that problem?200 words20 marks
    Tell us about a time you were working on your idea and had to change direction after receiving advice from others? 400 words30 marks
    Tell us about your plan to manage your commitments as well as develop your business idea. Starting your own business requires a significant time commitment, much of it self-directed by applying what you learn from classes, community, and connections.400 words30 marks
    100 marks total
    • The scores from all three panelists will be totalled and the top 15 applicants will be selected to attend the programme.
    • Tuesday 06 June: All applicants notified.