Creative HQ bought 16 lean entrepeneurs with a diverse range of backgrounds to Wellington in 2015. The conference, Lean 15, was to teach what is lean innovation and how to get the most out of applying lean methodologies to their business. Josh will talk about building creative teams with lean methodology. 


Josh is making his way to Wellington from Neo’s New York office, where he is a Principal of the innovation consultancy firm. Neo uses methodologies from the startup world, rethought for big businesses. This typically involves disruption on a big scale – technology, ideas, processes and more. Josh co-leads the user experience design practice, working with a vast range of clients and producing creative lean solutions. David Bland, Principal at Neo’s San Francisco office, will also be speaking at LEAN 15.

Josh is also the co-author of a book with Jeff Gothelf, titled ‘Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience’. The book focuses on the actual experiences being designed, offering valuable advice and tactics for implementing lean UX principles from the ground up.

The lean startup business model had been formative in Josh’s work, his passion for great design and outlet of user experience design consulting combining to offer elegant, practical and powerful solutions for his clients. He has worked with lean startups and established businesses in financial services and others, applying the lean startup model to all.

Lean business methodologies are agile, striving to find the best solution as quickly as possible with minimum resources. It is essentially the minimal viable product. This kind of thinking disrupts traditional business models, making them question their methods and reconsider the needs of their users and consumers. Eric Ries, while working in startups in Silicon Valley, thought up the concept of ‘lean’. It was originally designed to assist in product development for startups. Corporates, non-profits, services, and governments are now taking on the lean startup business model, recognising its many strengths and transforming their own businesses. LEAN 15, delivered by Creative HQ, brings together sixteen thought leaders and lean entrepreneurs, including David Bland, Alistair Croll, and Cody Bunea, in a three day event in Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre.

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