Bespoke services

We help you play on the edge

We work across government agencies, social enterprises, NGOs, corporates and startups in Wellington and around the world. We understand that your challenges and needs are unique and there’s no one size fits all.

We use tested techniques and tools to create an offering that works for you and that fits your needs. These typically follow a similar approach, using the methodologies, processes and tools of innovation – but are customised to suit your desired goals.

Our team has all sorts of strengths, from co-design and design thinking to government innovation and applied innovation.

We look to build capability, connectedness and confidence with everyone we work with.

Give your agency a shot of innovation.

“A huge thank you for letting us be a part of this programme. It has opened up lots of new learning for me and our organisation. I think Wellington is incredibly lucky to have you.”

Workshop participant

We can help you play on the edge

Since 2003 we’ve worked on all kinds of projects – from bringing new products to market and helping re-think the way government agencies work, to supporting Wellington’s art scene.

Innovation is one of the key skills for achieving success in any business. If an organisation isn’t making any progress, it simply cannot stay relevant in a competitive market.

At the core of all the work we do, there are two key principles. We:

Demystify innovation

The word innovation is becoming mainstream, and yet there’s a lot of confusion around what innovation really is and how to go about it. We unpack the jargon and the tools for you, and we show you how to bring innovation to your workplace.

Build innovation capability

In everything we do, we put people at the centre. We don’t just help you unlock the potential of your ideas, we also help you unlock your own potential. We build capability in you and in your team, by giving you the tool and confidence you need to play on the edge.

How we can help

Our bespoke services broadly fit into four categories: workshops, sprints, programmes and hackathons. These vary in length from one day to several months, to suit your needs.


An innovation workshop is designed to get participants thinking about new approaches to working. In groups, coaches guide participants through a series of agile and design thinking activities.

It can be anything from a few hours to a full-day session.


Sprints are time-boxed periods in which a team will work to accomplish a specific goal.

A sprint can be any length, although most commonly will last four to five days, combined in a series of sprints for bigger projects.


Programmes are best suited for long-term projects and bigger challenges. They are great for building long-lasting internal capability.

They can last several weeks or months.


A hackathon is an event where participants collaborate intensely for a short period of time on problem-solving a project.

Usually lasts 24 to 48 hours.

Our work

Innovation is happening all around us. From Wellington to the world – get inspired by these stories of innovation and find out how we can help you.

School of Innovation

Building capability in your team with our School of Innovation courses is also a great option.

From one-day workshops to long-term training, you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Stay ahead of the curve, book your next course now.

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