What’s your role at Creative HQ?

Customer Engagement – this includes looking after sales, sponsorships and relationship management.

I’m currently working on a number of fronts – finding partners for our upcoming FinTech Accelerator and Tourism Accelerator as well as making more people aware of the work Creative HQ does across its many programmes in the Government and Corporate Innovation space. I’m also looking to build partnerships for entrepreneurial capability with our talented NZ science academics and researchers. I’m a busy business butterfly, meeting and greeting new and familiar faces all day!


What’s an exciting project you are working on?

At work, it’s all about finding opportunities to work internationally and getting some big influencers touring through our GovTech Accelerator. On the home front, I’m busy organising tradies for our upcoming renovations!


What’s your superpower?

My superpower is connecting people and joining the dots to create amazing and beautiful collaborations.

What’s your favourite application of AI in use today?

Well, it’s a toss-up between image recognition and speech recognition. My everyday favourite application of image recognition is when I’m heading to the airport in a hurry and parking gates open simply by reading my car number plate! For speech recognition, I’m going to have to go with Google helping my kids to find images of fire unicorns with wings.


What’s the one piece of tech you can’t do without and why?

My phone. My wife says it’s an affair but she’s just jealous. It’s the swiss army tool for the tech age.


If could see one tech development happening in the next 5 years, what would that be?

Lack of reliable fast wifi is now a marker for poverty. I’d like to see free global 5g internet through new technologies like low earth orbit satellites – NZ is definitely part of the race and is in a position to lead this to solve out equitable digital access. The outcomes for education, health, environment and social alone would be huge. Of course, it would be a huge drive for economic development too!

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