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The way we work and interact is changing.

New technology is transforming more and more areas of our life ‒ from education, healthcare and business. More and more, we are seeing new ways of working from fully remote teams and flexible working arrangements to virtual summits and the use of AI for more efficient business practices. The Covid-19 pandemic has sped up the adoption of some of these emerging trends worldwide, forcing small and big companies into adopting new processes and trial new tech. Working from home, digitalised practices and virtual meetings are our new normal.

Successfully adapting to this shift in a short time frame requires teams to work very efficiently and to keep a high level of flexibility when re-thinking strategies and work structure. While some roles can still be performed digitally relatively easily, others might not find the transition so natural. Internal priorities are also likely to change, and some employees might need to be temporarily re-assigned to different teams or projects. Knowing how to manage these changes without causing unnecessary disruptions can be very challenging, especially when trying to implement these changes quickly and company-wide.

In the past few years, we’ve been developing and successfully adopting a Future Skills assessment, as a fun way for clients, startups and staff to discover how their natural inclinations measure up against the Future Skills.

For managers, the assessment can be used to assemble high-functioning teams, allocate resources to projects and unlock the full potential of staff. For individuals, the assessment can help you gain more awareness about your strengths and blind spots. In essence, this will allow you to focus your development efforts efficiently and will help you increase awareness about how you can best contribute to a team.

So, how can the Future Skills Assessment help you right now?

At this time of uncertainty, where new developments emerge every day, it’s more important than ever to focus on strengthening your Future Skills. Future skills include things like dealing with uncertainty, making decisions based on incomplete information and developing resilience and empathy. These skills are transferable skills that will be essential in the future of work and can help you navigate changes and new situations with confidence.

Right now, the Future Skills assessment can be particularly useful as a guide for matching the right employees with the right projects, and as a roadmap to build a professional development plan for your staff.

People allocation

Many companies have put projects on hold or are in the process of re-thinking their day-to-day operations to adapt to the current situation. For large organisations, this can be a particularly daunting process: shifting resources, re-assigning projects and re-thinking strategies are no easy task, especially on a large scale. In the past, we’ve successfully used our Future Skills assessment to help companies assemble project teams tasked with problem-solving initiatives. The results obtained with our assessment can help managers form a project team with the right balance of skills. From our experience so far, we’ve seen the best results when the test has been deployed across the company, leading to excellent examples of how cross-team collaboration can result in successful change.

Develop your future skills

While many jobs can still be done remotely (with some tweaks and a bit of creativity), the more customer-facing roles might face an inevitable slow down during lockdown. This is also true for some junior roles that may need a higher degree of guidance than might not be available right now. If that’s the case for some of your employees, perhaps it’s a good time to invest in your team’s professional development. Focusing on something rewarding can also help to keep motivated and positive during this time. The Future Skills assessment results will provide an AQ (Adaptability Quotient), EQ (Entrepreneurial Quotient), and a score for each of the 21 skills of the future. This can be a really good starting point to understand which skills could benefit from some extra care.

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