Creative HQ bought 16 lean entrepeneurs with a diverse range of backgrounds to Wellington in 2015. The conference, Lean 15, was to teach what is lean innovation and how to get the most out of applying lean methodologies to their business. 

Nick Gerritsen is one of the many talented and experienced lean experts presenting at the conference. Nick is the founder of Crisp Start, a technology solution advisory company, and a self described expert at not knowing what he is doing, meaning he is completely open to ideas about the future. Formally a commercial lawyer specialising in intellectual property, Nick has a diverse background across industries, now working with Creative HQ as a high growth advisor. At LEAN 15, Nick will be examining the global mega-trends we face today, and the impact and opportunities these create for New Zealand. He sees the vast potential these opportunities present, which when combined with lean startup methodologies and motivated companies, corporates or government, are a very possible reality.

Nick embraces lean thinking in his work with Creative HQ as well as at Crisp Start. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries was the brain behind the lean approach. It was originally designed to assist in product development for startups, but businesses are now seeing its potential for application across many industries, businesses sized from startup to established corporates, public and private sector. The core concept behind the lean startup model is seeking the minimum viable product. This is done through a process of rapid innovation and disruption of established processes. It uses minimum resources at maximum speed, and is proven to produce creative and innovative solutions, and reveal previously unconsidered opportunities. Nick will be contributing to the lean conversation, alongside other experts including Larry Lieberman, Justin Wilcox and Christina Wodtke at LEAN 15, a not to be missed opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about what lean approach concepts could mean for you and your business.


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