Helping scientists getting their big ideas funded.

Delivering Get Funded workshops in partnership with KiwiNet.

The Challenge

Take scientists from all over the country who have amazing big ideas, based on years of research with mega-reams of data and ask them to condense this into a 5-minute funding pitch. Pretty tough - but this is GetFunded  - a collaboration between KiwiNet and Creative HQ aimed at helping scientists commercialise their IP.

“In the science industry, you don’t really talk about markets and customers. This step by step approach, centred around customers has really changed the way I look at things.”
Workshop participant

Our Approach

Two days, four teams, plenty of food and a fast-paced workshop.

We started by learning about how to protect your intellectual property, to understanding the high-impact problem being addressed and why the solution is unique.

Then, we helped the teams learning about their customers and their pain points and building a lean canvas that lays out their business proposition on a single page.

With a solid basis to work on, we moved on to the pitching. Our participants spent the second day getting a masterclass in pitching and then developing and practicing their pitch culminating in a final presentation to three pitch panelists. The panellists were able to give them advice on their presentation style as well as how to sharpen their case for potential investment.

The Results

Over the two days we helped people by:

  • Giving them the basics around IP
  • Helping them clarify and condense their problem so the ordinary bod could understand it
  • Developing personas around their key audiences
  • Developing a one page business plan
  • Giving them a masterclass in pitching
  • Rapidly crafting a pitch deck
  • And giving them real pitching experience

After just two days, four teams had turned their roughly scrawled one-page ideas into a compelling pitch that had the three judges excited about the future of the projects.

The tight timeframes applied to the workshop forced teams to distil what was important and concentrate on what elements of their pitch would really move the dial. Teams better understood the steps they needed to take to be in a position to pitch for funds. And above all, they had made connections and learnt things that they could take back into their workplaces.

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