Hack the crisis

A virtual response during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

When New Zealand entered a nationwide lockdown in March, we knew we couldn't just sit back and wait it out. After a hui with a group of Callaghan Innovation-funded incubators and other startup community organisations, we set out to create a virtual Hackathon, following the example of Estonia’s Hack the Crisis.


“What an amazing weekend – thanks and congratulations to the awesome organisers, the amazing participants and the fabulous mentors. I was taken by the diversity of the participants, the amazing array of ideas, the enthusiasm across the board was infectious. Congratulations again everyone!" 
Hack the Crisis mentor

Our Approach

We decided to tackle three main issues:

  1. How to support local businesses to get through the economic downturn.
  2. How to keep our communities connected when physical interactions are off the table.
  3. How to build resilience and wellbeing during uncertain times.

The Results

On 17 April 2020, close to 1,000 people across New Zealand and around the world came together for 48 hours to co-create solutions that would help New Zealand emerge from this crisis stronger and more connected. Organisations and individuals collectively volunteered 18,096 hours to make this a reality! The success of Hack the Crisis is a true testament to the power of individuals coming together to create a positive impact.

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