Certificate in Applied Innovation

Demystify innovation and learn new tools and techniques

Grow your toolkit and bring new ways of working back to your workplace.

Creative HQ’s Certificate in Applied Innovation is the perfect course to learn more about innovation and how to use it in the real world.

The Certificate is made up of five workshops: foundation, discovery, market potential, ideation and build-measure-learn. Attend one workshop or sign up for the whole lot.

If you complete all five workshops, you’ll receive a Certificate in Applied Innovation.

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Build, Measure, Learn

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$399 per workshop or $1,499 for all
five workshops

​​”​​All the tasks are super engaging. [The facilitators] give you new tools and methods to approach tasks. The team that works at Creative HQ is amazing, friendly and welcoming. The whole experience has been awesome.

Workshop participant

Learning outcomes

When you sign up for the Certificate in Applied Innovation, you will:

  • get an interactive learning and hands-on experience using a suite of specialised tools;
  • learn how to apply innovation in your own company, workplace or everyday life;
  • connect with like-minded individuals and foster connections across different industries.

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The workshops

Each workshop will take participants through a journey of innovation from introducing the core innovation methodologies (Lean, Agile and Design Thinking) to knowing how to build and test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Download the info pack or find out more below.


Start from the foundations, to set yourself and your team up for success. It’s about making sure that you have the right tools, people and mindset to help you along your innovation journey. We’ll give you an introduction to a range of frameworks and tools for problem-solving and value creation that will start you off on your journey.

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Before you start thinking about a solution, you need to validate that a real need exists. You need to get out and talk to people. Many people skip this step. Don’t. You must understand the problem from the viewpoint of those who experience it in order to deliver an outcome they will value.

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Market Potential

You’ve validated the problem, but is there a market for it and, if so, is the market big enough? Who are your competitors? Are there unique factors in the market that make it really hard to solve this problem? Can you create a large enough impact and value to make this whole thing worthwhile?

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Develop an initial solution concept using broad thinking and creative thinking. You will be introduced to a suite of tools specifically designed to stimulate new ideas and challenge you to think and do differently.

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Build, Measure, Learn

Build a range of solution prototypes to test with your end-users. The build, measure, learn loop takes you from lightweight virtual solutions through to sophisticated working prototypes. Following this process helps you avoid investing a lot of time and money into a product that ultimately nobody wants.

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Some of the most common questions about our workshops.

Do I need any prior knowledge before attending these workshops?

The Certificate is designed for those both new to innovation and those with some background in it. The five workshops take participants on an innovation journey – from understanding and applying a variety of innovation methodologies right through to building and testing a prototype of an idea. However, those with little or no knowledge or experience will be able to step into any workshop and engage with the topic.

What if I can only attend one workshop?

All five workshops are required to receive the Certificate. However, you can also decide to attend only one or a couple of workshops that are particular to your interest.

Can I join remotely?

At this stage, all workshops are held in Wellington, at Creative HQ. If you’d like us to run these workshops for your organisation, get in touch.

Your innovation team

Meet the facilitators that will guide you on your innovation journey.

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Josie Glasson

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