Certificate in Facilitation

Master the art of facilitation and collaborative problem solving

How many hours of unproductive and inefficient meetings have you sat through where the conversations simply went around in circles with no tangible progress or outcomes? Imagine how much more productive your organisation can be if all meetings and workshops ran effectively!

In the modern workplace, the ability to facilitate is not just a skill—it’s an art. Whether you’re guiding day-to-day meetings, dynamic workshops, or intensive sprints, facilitation is the bridge to problem-solving and effective collaboration. 

With Creative HQ’s Certificate in Facilitation, you’ll unlock essential and transferable skills, adding value to wherever you go.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Three comprehensive workshops:
    • Facilitation fundamentals: Learn practical tips and tricks to prepare for an optimal workshop experience
    • Facilitating collaboration: Explore your facilitator superpowers and explore how to deal with tricky situations, such as group dynamics and conflict.
    • The thick of it – facilitation challenges: Apply your learnings and facilitate mock scenarios in a safe and fun environment
  • Real-world application: This isn’t just theory. Our in-person, immersive learning experience ensures you’re ready to apply your skills in real-life settings

Keen to stay sharp on facilitating remotely? Explore our Certificate in Online Facilitation to master virtual collaboration.

Upcoming certificates

$1299 early birds / $1499 full price

Early birds available until 2 weeks prior to the start of the certificate.

​​”Our facilitators were great and I truly felt their presence and care. They had great energy every day and incorporated feedback with every session. The third day really helped to cement the theory into practical tools which I’m excited to continue to apply in my own workplace.”

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Why choose our Certification in Facilitation?

When you complete the Certificate in Facilitation, you will:

  • Invest in your future and boost your employability: Mastering facilitation is about future-proofing your career. It’s an investment in upskilling and retraining for the ever-evolving workplace dynamics.
  • Why facilitation matters: Facilitation is the key to unlocking group potential. It’s about guiding diverse minds to solve problems together, ensuring projects run smoothly, and fostering a culture of collaboration. Whether you’re in a boardroom or a breakout session, your facilitation skills will be a valuable asset.

Your journey to mastery: Upon completing all three workshops, you’ll be awarded the Certificate in Facilitation, a testament to your expertise in leading, guiding, and problem-solving in group settings.

We offer group discounts to a cohort of 8 or more colleagues from the same organisation. Having a critical mass of people who understand the importance of facilitation can help build a culture of effective meetings and communication in the organisation. This course can be delivered in-house, at a time that suits you.

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Dates not working? Or want to book an in-house training with your team? We can offer a cohort based course that suits you. Get in touch with us below.

The workshops

Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of facilitation. From prepping for a workshop to managing different personalities in a room. Book now.

Workshop 1

Facilitation Fundamentals

This workshop is all about getting off to a strong start. We’ll demystify the role of a facilitator and share with you some practical tips and tricks to prepare for an optimal workshop experience.

We’ll also cover how to build an environment that is safe and inclusive for everyone, taking into account their personality types, learning and thinking styles. We’ll explore your superpowers as a facilitator on how to create an impactful and engaging experience.

Workshop 2

Facilitating Collaboration

Ready to take your facilitation skills to the next level? We will continue to explore your facilitator superpowers and explore how to deal with tricky situations, such as group dynamics and conflict.

We will look to facilitate groups towards outcomes and explore techniques to manage the energy in the room.

Workshop 3

The thick of it – Facilitation Challenges

This third and final workshop will give you an opportunity to apply the learnings from the first two workshops by practising your facilitation skills.

You and your peers will be given mock scenarios to prepare for and facilitate. It will be a safe and fun environment where you can observe, practise and receive feedback.

2024 Dates

Make 2023 your year of learning. Select the round that best suits your schedule and invest in your professional development.

Jan 2024

29 Jan Facilitation Fundamentals

30 Jan Facilitating Collaboration

31 Jan The thick of it – Facilitation Challenges

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Please note that we need a minimum number of enrollments for each course to go ahead. If we don’t have the required number of enrollments for a course to go ahead, we will communicate with you at least 10 days in advance and transfer your enrollment to alternative dates.

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