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CHQ Corporate Innovation Services

Our corporate problem solving programmes help companies reimagine products and services, look at work in a new way and provide support to create transformation.

How we work with companies
CHQ specialises in solving challenges and complex problems through modular sprints. Using CHQ’s Enterprise Innovation Framework, we have developed customised programmes based on standardised modules for most of NZ’s largest companies, including Fonterra, Beca and TradeMe.

Our corporate problem-solving services

Our problem-solving services range in duration and scope – from 1-day workshops to 3-month acceleration programmes.

Services can be offered remotely or in-person depending on your requirements.

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Take 2-hours to learn how structured innovation can transform a company.

The Executive Workshop is an interactive introduction to Enterprise Innovation. Participants complete a short assessment of current initiatives and practices and have a guided discussion of how to create transformational outcomes. After the Executive Workshop, CHQ will deliver a one-page summary, including our recommended next steps.


Bring structure and discipline to enterprise challenges with a sprint.

A Challenge Sprint is a time-boxed period where teams work to complete a variety of structured and specific tasks. We offer multiple sprint types, depending on your requirements including Resilience Sprints, Design Sprints and Problem Discovery Sprints.

3–5 DAYS

How to do remote working effectively and with team morale in mind.

Learn how to organise work, communication, check-ins, quality assurance, peer-review process, how to keep your team connected while being apart and some of the tools your company could consider using.

1–2 DAYS

Increase your team's efficiency and impact

This 1-day workshop will introduce teams to collaborative problem solving, at pace. Excellent for significantly increasing efficiencies in teamwork, shortening meetings and project delivery times.


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Creative HQ Design Sprint

Corporate professional development

CHQ's Professional Development programmes build capability that leaders will need in a changing world.

What does working with CHQ feel like?

We put people at the centre of everything we do.

We strive for mastery of our practices, creating breakthrough innovation outcomes through unique approaches, transformational training experiences, and innovation discipline.

Learn by doing
Our Innovation Specialists create an immersive environment where you will learn while working on real projects that matter to your team.

We help you understand problems from your customer's perspective and build purposeful, grounded solutions that your customers love. 

Future forward
In the future, skills like empathy, curiosity and humility will be valued greatly in the workplace. You will upskill and experience future skills and solve your innovation challenges through our structured innovation programmes. 

"Using Creative HQ has been key to the success of getting the most out of our employees and I would really recommend it to anyone." 

Carlienne MacQueen, Programme Manager at Fonterra

"They brought their people and experience, they brought processes and systems and they have helped us to create an understanding of how we are going to operate."

Jeannine Walsh, New Ventures Manager at Beca

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