COVID-19 Response

Times like this require new and creative ways of thinking.

At CHQ we will help you build resilience and solve problems using proven tools and methodologies. We are part of Wellington's council organisations.

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How we can help.

We’ve worked with hundreds of teams to change the way they work, to problem-solve with customers and staff in mind, and promote rapid response. We’d love to hear from you about your immediate priorities.

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How can you care for your staff and customers right now? How can you shift to remote working?



How can you ensure that your organisation is effective and able to help during the lockdown and over the next 6 months?



How can you ensure that your organisation is well-positioned for the needs of the citizens/customers as the pandemic comes to an end and we work on economic recovery in New Zealand?

We'd love to organise a 30-min free video chat or call to:

  • Understand your top 3 challenges and priorities in the coming weeks and months
  • See how CHQ can offload and help you solve these problems quickly, efficiently and remotely.

Managing uncertainty

Using your real-world problems, we will teach you problem-solving skills that can be applied immediately and build resilience in your organisation.

This session will take 1–2 days (depending on your organisation or team size) and will give you the confidence, skills and the agility required in today’s operating environment. You’ll walk away with a clear idea of the challenges, their impacts, solutions and next steps to take.


Identify your most pressing challenges
Before your workshop, we’ll work with you to identify your most pressing challenges to work on and create problem statements that capture problems and opportunities as you understand them.

Assemble your team
We work with you to select your organisation’s most agile and future-ready employees using Future Skills assessment – our proprietary tool for assembling problem-solving-ready teams.

Leave with next steps
We’ll guide you through solution-finding methodologies to approach problems in a new and creative way. This part of the workshop is outcome-focused. You'll leave the room with clear next steps to implement your solutions.

What does working with CHQ feel like?

We put people at the centre of everything we do.

We strive for mastery of our practices, creating breakthrough innovation outcomes through unique approaches, transformational training experiences, and innovation discipline.

Learn by doing
Our Innovation Specialists create an immersive environment where you will learn while working on real projects that matter to your team.

We help you understand problems from your customer's perspective and build purposeful, grounded solutions that your customers love. 

Future forward
In the future, skills like empathy, curiosity and humility will be valued greatly in the workplace. You will upskill and experience future skills and solve your innovation challenges through our structured innovation programmes. 

"Using Creative HQ has been key to the success of getting the most out of our employees and I would really recommend it to anyone." 

Carlienne MacQueen, Programme Manager at Fonterra

"They brought their people and experience, they brought processes and systems and they have helped us to create an understanding of how we are going to operate."

Jeannine Walsh, New Ventures Manager at Beca


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Want to chat with someone about your next steps?

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