Christina is the founder of Wodtke Consulting, a successful practice she has run for 14 years. She also teaches at California College of the Arts and at Stanford Continuing Ed, as well as running regular corporate workshops on innovation and execution, in a beautiful blend of industries, teaching business to designers and design to business people. At Lean 15, she talked about educating business leaders on using the lean mindset for inspiration. She talked about Educating Business Leaders on Using the Lean Mindset for Inspiration.

She has had some impressive experience, working as general manager for video game developer Zygna, general manager for Social at Myspace, principal product manager at Linkedin, and senior director of design at Yahoo!. Christina has worked a lot with startups, and founded an array of online journalism platforms. Somehow amongst all this Christina also found time to write a best selling book – Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web. She also writes for, and speaks about humans and user experience at conferences around the world. About to be added to that list, is speaking at LEAN 15 15 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Christina has given herself the official title of curious human, an attitude she takes with her into all of her work, which keeps her excited and interested in all that she does. She believes lean is a mindset, and a way to make everything run that little bit better. At LEAN 15 she will be sharing her toolkit for using lean methodologies in teams, tactics for building consensus, and strategies to create accountability. She is also running a workshop on the science behind design thinking.

LEAN 15 is all about introducing businesses and entrepreneurs to the lean startup business model, a concept born out of Silicon Valley. It was originally designed to assist local startups in their business and product development, the term ‘lean’ first coined by startup entrepreneur Eric Ries. Lean thinking celebrates rapid innovation, using minimum resources to create maximum impact. The process involves a lot of user testing and quick dismissal of bad ideas, as well as rapid discovery of good ones. It is all about uncovering the minimum viable product. The value of this kind of thinking is now being discovered by bigger businesses, corporates, governments, non-profits, and service industries. The title of lean company is no longer reserved solely for startups, and LEAN 15 is here to challenge, inspire and guide you and your business towards a leaner future.


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