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Each month we host a series of events to bring our community together. The events range from professional development workshops to founders talks and interactive sessions. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about them!

These events are brought to you with the support of Wellington City Council.

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An evening with Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston, founder of Publons and Lightning Lab Alumnus from 2013, joins us to share his journey.

Publons has gone on to build the largest database of academic peer reviews in the world. Come to our session to learn the firsthand lessons of building a global EdTech startup from Wellington.

19 April, 5:30pm

Creative HQ Event Hub

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Sustainable Innovation Breakfast Panel

Interested in the sustainable innovation sector? We’re hosting a panel of guests at CHQ to talk through their experiences in sustainable innovation.

The panel includes the co-founder of Mevo, the co-founder of Reusabowl, and the head of partnerships at CoGo. Panelists will be discussing the hurdles that they faced, what the intersection of sustainability and business looks like, and the unlikely allies they found along the way.

22 April, 8:00am

Creative HQ Event Hub


Working The Edges: Customer Interviews for Insight

Interviews are a foundation for any good design, strategy and innovation process. In this interactive workshop, Chris (founder of We Create Futures) will guide you through what a good interview practice and process looks like.

This workshop is focused on those who may want to engage in the interview process for the first time or want to develop their interview approach.

22 April, 5:30pm

Creative HQ Event Hub


Street Wisdom: Wander Your Way to Insight, Ideas and Intention

Street Wisdom is based on the simple idea that insight, ideas, and inspiration are available to us all the time when we know how to look. During this guided 60-minute WalkShop, you will learn how to use your immediate surroundings - the streets in your neighbourhood or the rooms in your home - to find fresh answers to important questions.

3 May, 8:30-9:30am


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