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What’s your role at Creative HQ?

I’m an Innovation Specialist at Creative HQ which means I get to work on a range of really interesting and diverse projects. Currently, I’m organising Creative HQ’s first-ever Latin American Education Hackathon, EduHack. It’ll be amazing to see what is created when innovators, students, community leaders & education experts come together and innovate.

What does success mean to you? And what impact do you think failure has on success?

To me, professional success is inherently tied to the impact an individual can create. I feel most successful when I’m creating social impact and using my skills and passions to do so. On a personal level, I feel most successful when I create space for myself to recharge it could be by playing music, going for a run or a DIY project.

Failure gives me a chance to just stop and reassess whether the thing I was pushing for is really the right thing to be putting time and effort into. I’m a really competitive person and always used to feel so defeated in the face of failure but I’ve found that usually, failure leads me to something that is so much better for me! Now, I really try and embrace failure and create space to process it and redirect my energies to something that is better for me both professionally and personally.

What would the Creative HQ team say your superpower is?

Getting shit done and getting it done with a smile!


What was your biggest accomplishment for the month of October?

My biggest accomplishment in October was launching my social enterprise, Collaborate; a platform that connects volunteers to community organisations based on their interests and skills.  I’m part of a four women team and we’ve spent the last two years researching, prototyping, and testing the concept with changemakers, community leaders, NGOs and volunteers.  To see it actually come to life, take off and create real impact across New Zealand has been really rewarding.

Share something that inspires you…

I’m inspired by all the social entrepreneurs in Wellington. It’s awesome to see this wave of social enterprises that are creating real change. I’m totally blown away by the determination and passion of the founders from companies like Indigo & Iris, the Wā Collective, Little Yellow Bird and the Misprint Co. It’s great to be surrounded by other passionate female founders and it constantly inspires and motivates me to do more.

Read more about the people making the wheels turn, last month we interviewed Venture Up Programme Director, Lingy Au. Or stay in the loop with all the latest news from Creative HQ by jumping on our mailing list.

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