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What’s your role at Creative HQ?

My role has transformed over the course of the last 2 years. Firstly it has been to help manage Creative HQ’s youth accelerator Venture Up which helps high school graduates into entrepreneurship. Since then, it has been a mixture of managing a GovTech accelerator, early-stage startup advice and managing the Wellington entrepreneurship community through our meetup group Startup Garage. More recently, I have jumped back into leading the next generation of leaders through Venture Up so it has come full circle!

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What does community mean to you? What impact does community have on the work that you do with youth?

Individuals coming together to learn, share and bond with like-minded people came to mind. I really do believe there is magic that is created when communities come together that you wouldn’t come close to achieving on your own. For Venture Up, connection is one of the 3 main outcomes of the programme which ties well with community. All participants and staff need to learn how to work together in their individual groups, as well as the wider cohort for the community and programme to succeed.

Why are youth important to building diverse communities?

They are the leaders of tomorrow so why not!? We need to engage youth on every level if we are to succeed in our communities and on a global stage. The world is very different now than where we started with advancements in technology, ease of accessibility and education. We are becoming more internationalized than ever before so embracing diversity is crucial to understand one another and build successful communities.

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What would the Creative HQ team say your superpower is?

The energy, definitely the energy.

What was your biggest accomplishment for the month of October?

Taking part in a world forum was a huge cross off my bucket list. I was given the chance to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum which took place over 3 days, had people from 30+ countries, over 40 workshop sessions, 80+ speakers and 1600+ attendees, with 40% coming from offshore – eat your heart out number-people! It was an incredible atmosphere with inspirational people so grateful to have been part of it.

Share something that inspires you…

This is near and dear to my heart but it would be my mum and dad. To be forced out of their home through the war in their early 20’s, running for their lives and resettling into a country they had no idea existed. Their bravery, willingness to work 3 jobs each day and put my siblings and me through schooling. Their story inspires me every day to fight through adversity, show humility and help those who are unable to help themselves.

And finally, show us your desk…lingy au desk

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