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The Future is here.

The way we work is changing. To be future-ready and stay ahead of the change, we need to focus on nurturing our future skills.

The Future Skills assessment will help you identify what are your natural inclinations towards the skills of the future. You’ll also find out what your innovation style is, and your Adaptability and Entrepreneurial Quotient score.

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What will the Future Skills assessment give me?

Learn about your future skills
CHQ has identified 21 future skills and competencies. The assessment will ask a series of questions designed to assess your skills in things like how well you deal with uncertainty, your resilience, your risk appetite and more.

Discover your innovation style
Are you a creator, hacker, hero or a hustler? These four primary personas make up the ideal innovation team. Knowing which one is your natural style will help leverage your strengths and work more efficiently in a team. 

Reveal your Entrepreneurial Quotient and Adaptability Quotient
Successful entrepreneurs and innovators tend to score highly across two dimensions: the Nq and the Aq. The Quotient scores, along with your Innovation Persona, provide an insight into your talents, behaviours and preferences that will surface when working on structured innovation initiatives (such as hackathons, design sprints or business acceleration programmes). 

"In 10 years time, 50% of jobs will be changed by automation, but only 5% eliminated"

(World Economic Forum)

How does it work?


The Future Skills assessment, it’s a simple online test that takes about 20 minutes to complete. The assessment is based on a number of questions and there are no right or wrong answers.


You’ll receive your personalised report with the results of the assessment (typically within one hour). Your report will include detailed results of your preferences and scores in relation to the Future Skills.


If you are interested to find out how you can develop your skills, request the in-depth report which includes actionable steps and resources to support the development of your future skills. 

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