Creative HQ bought 16 lean entrepeneurs with a diverse range of backgrounds to Wellington in 2015. The conference, Lean 15, was to teach what is lean innovation and how to get the most out of applying lean methodologies to their business. Georgiana was part of a  government panel on business leadership and digital innovation. 

For the first time in Australasia, LEAN 15 offers attendees world-class speakers, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions in an event set to disrupt, challenge and inspire. Delivered by Creative HQ, the inaugural LEAN 15 conference brought together sixteen lean entrepreneurs who will be sharing their vast experience and advice on implementing lean practices into existing businesses, and proving that lean methodologies aren’t just for startups.

Georgiana Johnson was one of the sixteen lean experts converging in Wellington. Georgiana is an Account Executive at Datacom, a company building IT systems and processes for business. Her position is within Datacom’s Local Government team, where she has the opportunity to change how councils adapt to new technologies. She comes to this role with some fantastic experience, having previously served as Business Innovation Manager for Taupo District Council. Here, Georgiana focused on the people side of things, driving development and change, and educating people on the power of new age technology and the opportunities it brings for government.

At LEAN 15 Georgiana was part of a panel discussion hosted by Ben Kepes, where case studies of successful government projects helped by accelerator programmes and lean methodologies were shared and discussed. Georgiana also spoke as part of a workshop about using lean thinking and practice when working with government. The R9 Better for Business Accelerator programme in Wellington earlier this year was one such example of government adopting startup thinking to develop minimum viable products in response to customer pain points.

Georgiana has done some awesome work using the lean approach in a government context, and continues to yield results and change thinking. Lean innovation is all about creating the maximum impact using minimum resources, and it is easy to see how valuable this kind of thinking is for government. The concept of lean was originally designed to help startups in Silicon Valley, with lean principles all striving to create the minimum viable product. Startups aren’t the only ones embracing lean thinking anymore, with big businesses like government and corporates, as well as non-profits, startups and services industries all harnessing the lean startup business model.



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