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Creating breakthrough innovation in the public sector


Our government innovation programmes help agencies reimagine services, solve complex problems and provide support to create transformational work. 

How we work with government agencies
CHQ works with local, central and international government agencies to undertake complex stakeholder engagement through co-design and co-creation, and solve challenges, global issues and wicked problems through modular innovation sprints. Using CHQ’s Government Innovation Framework, we have developed customised programmes for most NZ agencies.


Bicultural Co-Design and Engagement

We work with agencies to enable citizens to create policies of the future through improved engagement and co-design.

The traditional ways of engagement through legislated consultation is no longer appropriate. In the 21st century, citizens, communities and stakeholders want to be involved in all aspects of service and policy design.

CHQ strongly believes in the mantra of "nothing about us, without us". By partnering respectfully with kaupapa Māori practitioners, Aatea Solutions, CHQ are helping people collaborate, problem-solve as a group, and ensure all voices are heard. This creates solutions with the greatest impact. 

We work with agencies to create inclusive innovation environments where citizens and stakeholders can contribute in ways that work for them. Our approach takes a set of well-crafted questions, hypothesis, or objectives as inputs and enables participants to explore these, bouncing between individual reflection and group dialogue.

What are the benefits of using bicultural co-design and engagement?

  • Policy and services that are co-designed with the target communities.
  • Better engagement with iwi.
  • Increase mana through a commitment to early engagement and ongoing relationships. 

Our services

Our innovation services range in duration and scope – from 1-day workshops to 3-month acceleration programmes.

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Take 2-hours to learn how structured innovation can transform how your agency tackles challenges.

The Executive Workshop is an interactive introduction to Public Sector Innovation. Participants complete a short assessment of current initiatives and practices and have a guided discussion of how to create transformational outcomes. During the workshop, participants will also learn about examples of game-changing public sector innovation.


Use proven frameworks to bring structure and discipline to government innovation with a Sprint.

An Innovation Sprint is is a time-boxed period where teams work to complete a variety of structured and specific tasks. CHQ offers 7 sprint types, including Design Sprint and Problem Discovery Sprints. We will work with your team to recommend the Sprint types that are right for you.

3–5 DAYS

Got a mandate to create lasting change?

Lightning Lab GovTech is our flagship programme for accelerating government projects. This end-to-end programme will define the scope and focus of a project, assemble the right team around it and guide that team towards the production of a viable business case and/or a validated prototype.

Efficient. Evidence-based. Effective.


Take one day to explore how your agency can use practical innovation tools.

Spend a day learning about how a structured innovation methodologies can help teams plan and manage projects, gather and use customer feedback effectively, and develop a culture of innovation. An Innovation Workshop is excellent for significantly increasing efficiencies in teamwork and shortening meetings and project delivery times.


Professional Development Course for Government Innovation

Professional Development for government teams and agencies

CHQ's Professional Development programmes build capability and capacity for the 21st-century public sector.

Ready to change the way your team or government agency works?

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What does working with CHQ feel like?

We put people at the centre of everything we do.

We strive for mastery of our practices, creating breakthrough innovation outcomes through unique approaches, transformational training experiences, and innovation discipline.

Learn by doing
Our Innovation Specialists create an immersive environment where you will learn while working on real projects that matter to your team.

We help you understand problems from your customer's perspective and build purposeful, grounded solutions that your customers love. 

Future forward
In the future, skills like empathy, curiosity and humility will be valued greatly in the workplace. You will upskill and experience future skills and solve your innovation challenges through our structured innovation programmes. 

"This is a once-in-a-career chance to truly make a difference."

Mark Gordon, Ministry of Social Development

"Lightning Lab [GovTech] is wonderful. I think it’s not only the best in the country, it’s one of the best in the world.”

Justin Lester

Who we've worked with

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