Creative HQ are leading the GovTech revolution globally.

Better public service and innovation in the public sector are at the heart of what Creative HQ does with Government. We harness the best of startup thinking and proven innovation methodologies such as design thinking, agile management, the lean startup methodology and the principles of exponential organisations to help agencies deliver customer-centric services that citizens love.

We are part of the All-of-Government Consultancy business change panel providing organisational change and digital transformation programmes to agencies.


As part of the All-of-Government Business Change Panel, we are able to easily engage with agencies to deliver a range of business change services. Our work in this area includes:

  • Business change implementation
  • Business change planning
  • Business change strategy
  • Customer service improvement
  • Lean Process


A GovTech accelerator is a 12-week programme designed to test and procure innovative solutions to problems in government. Selected teams are given the tools they need to dive into their areas, understand the problems and identify real solutions.

Our R9 Accelerator is one of the first GovTech accelerators in the world.


Creative HQ has been pioneering the use of startup innovation techniques in the public sector. As the need to drive and increase innovation has become more important, we have helped agencies employ innovation techniques. Examples include:

  • App4IR with Inland Revenue
  • R9 GovTech Accelerator with MBIE and R9 agencies
  • Agile Core and Accelerated Deliver transformation with Stats NZ.


By applying startup methodology to government, Creative HQ can help you undertake digital transformation projects. We will work with you to develop strategy with a user-focus that will allow you to achieve a successful digital transformation.