Empathy Interviews

How to learn from your customers

Have you ever wanted to know what your customers really think of you? If you answered yes, this workshop is perfect for you. 

We'll teach you how to effectively talk and listen to your customers through empathy interviews. By the end of the day you'll have a good understanding of how to effectively define your target customer, identify assumptions and complete card-sort interviews to uncover your customer needs, wants and problems worth solving.

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Why attend?

Expand your toolkit by learning new versatile innovation tools and techniques.

Shift to a customer-centric mindset

We help you understand problems from your customer's perspective, so that you can build purposeful solutions that your customers love. 

Re-think your cutomer experience.

De-bunk your assumptions and look at your customer experience with a fresh perspective.

Learn how to talk to anyone.

This workshop will help to build your interviewing muscle and confidence, so you always feel at ease.


Learn by doing.

In true CHQ style, you'll learn by doing. We'll provide you with a problem statement and take you through a series of exercises to train your creativity muscles.

What to expect

CHQ Design Sprint

On the day we'll cover:

  • How to talk with your customers
  • Empathy interview techniques
  • Key tools like card sorts, assumption maps and persona canvas.

Who should attend?

The workshop is for anyone who wants to find better ways to talk and learn from their customers.

Potential participants could be:

  • Marketing, sales or product teams.
  • Team Leaders and managers, who want to learn new tools to bring back to their team.
  • Individuals looking to upskill in innovation methodologies.


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