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The 2019 Innovation Hubs Report is here!

Public and private sector work is changing. 


As part of this week (which focused on human-centred design, collaborative problem solving and design thinking) a session on New Zealand’s innovation hubs was held. Approximately 20innovation hub managers from private and public sector organisations all over NZ attended the event. This inaugural report summarises the experiences shared by hub managers at that event and subsequent conversations and provides a baseline overview of the current state of New Zealand’s innovation hubs. This report provides an annual snapshot and benchmark for the enterprise Innovation Hub landscape in New Zealand and summarises common approaches, challenges, and lessons learnt and new developments in the collaborative innovation ecosystem of New Zealand’s large organisations.

Want to be part of the next Innovation Hubs Report?

For the 2019/2020 reports, we are looking to expand the number of participants and organisations who are operating Innovation and Collaboration Hubs. Our work to date has not included a precise definition for what exactly constitutes an Innovation or Collaboration Hub, and we believe at this point in the evolution of these entities it is not important. We want to stay broad in our approach and would like to hear from as many different approaches and initiatives as possible. As such we encourage anyone who believes they should be part of this report to get in touch with the authors so that we may include them in the discovery and interviewing work for next year’s report.

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