Workplaces are experiencing innovation at a fast pace.

The ability to use proven innovation tools gives you the ability to confidently work in a new way and to shape changes to traditional working methods within your organisation. 

By applying these methodologies, you'll broaden your mindset and learn to create breakthrough innovation and design customer-centric solutions to challenges.

What you'll get

We'll give you an introduction to practical innovation methodologies and demystify some of the innovation jargon. The workshop is immersive and will give you practical experience in: 

  • Lean, Agile and Design Thinking
  • Proven approaches for effective innovation 
  • Problem Discovery tools

Who should attend

The workshop is for anyone who wants to challenge the prevailing mindset of a business. Potential participants could be: 

  • People in the public sector wanting to get a grounding in innovation methodologies 
  • People from SMEs and large corporations
  • Individuals looking to upskill in innovation methodologies  

What to expect from the Innovation Workshop

Discover new ways to generate solutions This training will get you to explore innovation techniques that may be new to you - you'll get rid of preconceptions and learn how to apply things like Design Thinking to your work. 

Immersive and Practical Learning This is a hands on, experiential, practical innovation experience. It will be a fun and engaging experience with innovation tools that you'll be able to apply immediately.  

Demystify Innovation Over the course of the day, you'll get to know methodologies and gain a clear understanding of what innovation is and how you can champion it at your workplace.  

Learn the basics of how to practice innovation Like anything, good innovation takes practice. We'll give you the toolkit you need to further your or your company's innovation journey. 

Coming Up

30 October  


Silverstream Retreat, Upper Hutt

Cost: $500 


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