Creative HQ bought 16 lean entrepreneurs with a diverse range of backgrounds to Wellington in 2015. The conference, Lean 15, was to teach what is lean innovation and how to get the most out of applying lean methodologies to their business. Andrew is the General Manager for Better for Business, otherwise known as Result 9, a division of MBIE. He’ll be talking about Lean Government & Business Solutions for Creating Minimum Viable Products.

Andrew is the General Manager for Better for Business, otherwise known as Result 9, a division of MBIE. This is a modern thinking team, working towards making government services better for businesses by simplifying processes, using digital and online tools, and implementing lean methodologies throughout. Andrew has previously worked in banking for 20 years, as well as he ran his own business.

At LEAN 15, Andrew is participating in a panel discussion run by Ben Kepes, the founder and Director of Diversity, a multifaceted entrepreneurship and investment company. He will be talking about Lean Government & Business Solutions for Creating Minimum Viable Products and the session will be a discussion of successful case studies where agile methodologies drove effective lean government solutions. Andrew will be contributing his successful work on the R9 Government Accelerator program he did with Better for Business and Creative HQ. This accelerator was designed to bring together diverse teams to solve major problems New Zealand businesses have when dealing with government. The accelerator embraced lean principles, enabling solutions that were innovative, affordable and achievable for government to take on.

The lean business model was conceived in Silicon Valley by entrepreneur Eric Ries. He was looking for a smarter way to approach business and product development for startups, speeding up the process and keeping things as cost efficient as possible. Lean thinking is all about finding and creating minimum viable products through rapid innovation – maximum impact through minimum resources. It has proven to be a good one for businesses beyond small startup enterprises, and established future-thinking companies are now looking to lean principles to better meet the needs of 21st century users and consumers. Governments and corporates are especially benefiting from this modern approach to business, ditching the traditional and tired business model and bringing their companies into the digital age. In Andrew’s own words, LEAN 15 is a great opportunity to be inspired, challenged, exposed to new ideas, and a part of a community reaching out to the future.


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