With Lightning Lab XX Demo Day right around the corner, we spoke with four of the nine female founders to get an insider perspective on the 4-month mentorship-driven business acceleration programme. Little Yellow Bird, Patternsnap, Music Ecademy and Sipreme shared their big wins, fast fails, most inspiring moments and touched on what’s next for their ventures post Demo Day.

Little Yellow Bird is a company that supplies businesses with more than just a uniform. LYB produces high quality workwear, through a completely transparent and ethical supply chain. They have a wide range of workwear from custom tailored business shirts to t-shirts, hoodies and aprons. This provides companies with an opportunity to turn their uniforms into marketing.

Patternsnap is a digital library of interior design samples for designers and showrooms. It provides a beautiful, simple tool to search for products and create schemes. Patternsnap saves designers precious time, enabling access to a comprehensive database of unique samples. Currently available as an iOS app, Patternsnap is a virtual showroom in your pocket.

Music Ecademy is a web application that teaches music theory and aural skills in a fun and engaging way through interactive lessons, quizzes, and games. The application helps to engage students while also saving teachers valuable time and resources. The curriculum is relevant for music schools and teachers in Australia, NZ and the UK.

Sipreme is joyful future food – healthy, nutritionally complete, and super convenient. For busy people with cooler stuff to do than burn toast in the morning, this is it. It’s a fast, liquid meal that gives the adult body every nutrient it needs. The product iterates for each new batch, following customer feedback. It’s the perfect, healthy solution for unromantic, functional meals.

To meet all of the teams, get along to Demo Day here.

lightning lab xx accelerator programme

Reflecting on your experience in LLXX what have been the big wins & fast fails over the duration of the programme?

Little Yellow Bird – Our big win is having enough interest from corporates, validating our idea and proving its a viable business. Our biggest learnings have been about customer service and what customer segments to prioritise instead of going for everything all at once. Another quick tip LYB has learnt along the way is not taking it to heart if something doesn’t go according to plan. Mentally prepare yourself for things to change.

Patternsnap – We’ve had lots of happy tears throughout the process. Signing a big showroom client that put Patternsnap in showrooms across Aussie and NZ was a huge validation of our product. Our fast fails have been learning the sales process and going back through what works, what doesn’t work and getting systems in place.

Music Ecademy – The highlight for us has been the introduction to such a cool community of people and working with great mentors. Special mention to Kristen Lunman COO of Wipster, she’s been our incredible go to for everything SAAS (and everything else too). Our fast fail has been figuring out the sales process.

Sipreme – Our big win has definitely been being introduced to the potential of the chinese market by the amazing mentors and our fast fail has been around our rebrand after taking some useful feedback on board.

little yellow bird lightning lab xx

Little Yellow Bird

What have been your most inspiring moments?

Little Yellow Bird – The most inspiring moment for us has definitely been hearing about the journeys of others who’ve been in our position and seeing where they’re at now. Another moment was when we got a big order – we knew we could actually do this.

Music Ecademy – Getting a lovely thank you note from a teacher who was wrapped with what we’ve created. It’s always empowering hearing from happy customers. Being surrounded by all the other teams and following their journeys has also been inspiring.

Patternsnap – The most inspiring moment for us was listening to Claudia Batten speak about the path to startup success being a squiggly line. Personally the realness, the community of people around you, and seeing others wins as well as having your own wins has been an awesome part of the process.

Sipreme – Hearing Annette Presley speak at the beginning of the programme was incredible. To hear “you can’t be it if you cant see it” from her and then follow in her footsteps. Seeing women take over the world has been super inspiring!

patternsnap lightning lab xx


What do you think will need to happen for your teams LLXX experience to be a success?

Little Yellow Bird – We came into XX with no expectations and wanted to learn as much as possible. We weren’t 100% sure that the idea we came in with would be the same coming out. But actually our business hasn’t changed that much. Success isn’t about how much money we’ve made, but more about the people and communities we can support through LYB.

Music Ecademy – We see our LLXX experience as a success already!

Patternsnap – The whole experience has been a success for Patternsnap, we would also love to see more sales.

Sipreme – We see our XX experience as a success already. We’ve got a new team member, we’ve met amazing people, developed a plan and toughened up in the process.

lightning lab xx fuji xerox 3d printing

Most significant pivot?

Little Yellow Bird – We didn’t really pivot but one of the biggest challenges for us was how we best simplify our story. We wanted to be both ethical and sustainable, but now we’re focussed primarily on labour issues with environmental considerations and we can develop from there.

Music Ecademy – No significant pivots for us, we’ve mostly stayed the same throughout the programme.

Patternsnap – Didn’t come up against any big pivots, but we found real value in the showroom customer more than initial research led us to believe there was. This highlighted to us our product solves a pain point and the need and value of our product is there for people.

Sipreme – Our biggest pivot was our target market. We were initially looking at Europe but found through our research and speaking to mentors that the Asia Pacific is a better market to get started in.

lightning lab accelerator

What’s next for you?

Little Yellow Bird – We want to concentrate on our existing customers and grow our client base. At the end of year we’re going to spend some more time in India reconnecting with our suppliers, the people and projects we’ve sponsored. The LYB journey will continue!

Music Ecademy – We will expand and launch Music Ecademy into the UK market and work on growing and nurturing our customer base.

Patternsnap – We want to grow, grow the tech side of our business, grow the team and eventually take over the world with Patternsnap!

Sipreme – We’re focussed on growing the Sipreme brand, increasing our sales, visiting Singapore and China to introduce ourselves to the market over there, then world domination!

music ecademy Lightning Lab XX Demo Day

Music Ecademy

Any quirky pre demo day preparations? What are you looking forward to most about Demo Day?

Little Yellow Bird – Taking Vitamin C on the daily and drinking loads of honey lemon and ginger. Looking forward to doing the pitch, it will be a personal victory and will be cool to put all that XX training and mentoring to work in front of a crowd.

Music Ecademy – I’ve been visualising the pitch and how it’s going to go! We’re most excited about post demo day and what that means for us, growing the business and the start of a new chapter.

Patternsnap – Pre demo day relaxation is key! The last four weeks demo day has been number one priority and everything else in life has gone by the by. I’m most looking forward to the feeling of achievement after having completed the programme.

Sipreme – Pre demo day we’ve been spending lots of time with our cats and giving them love! We’re most looking forward to the amazing opportunity to tell 800+ people about Sipreme and then chatting with some more awesome people after the pitches. It’s super exciting when you are sharing your passion with other people.

lightning lab xx team sipreme


And for a bit of fun, if you could be a type of slice, what slice would you be?

Little Yellow Bird – Definitely lemon slice
Patternsnap – Belgium slice, jam in the middle, jelly crystals on top! Yum!
Music Ecademy – Slice of heaven – See what we did there.
Sipreme – A Sipreme slice of the pie!

Lightning Lab XX Demo Day

See all of the Lightning Lab XX teams tomorrow at Demo Day!

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