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Chalking up another success, Little Yellow Bird‘s founder and CEO recently took home the Young New Zealander Innovator award at the recent Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards support New Zealanders who relentlessly facilitate positive changes in a vast range of industries, both globally and at home. Little Yellow Bird was nominated as a finalist in the Innovation in Sustainability & Renewable Energy category.

success innovation awards

Sam has been soaring through the apparel industry. An Edmund Hillary Fellow, she has already won many awards as well as being recognised by the New Zealand Women of Influence Award, the Wellington Gold Awards, and the Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Seeing the detrimental effects of the fashion industry, Sam started Little Yellow Bird to limit the impact of unethical clothing manufacturing. In a world made up of commodities and struggling employees, Little Yellow Bird strive to make a difference in 3 key areas: people, planet, and quality.

They produce high-quality workwear through an entirely ethical supply chain, and the Wellington-based company has broken into the competitive uniform market in Australia and the United States, providing ethical and sustainable uniforms and apparel.

success innovation awards

Little Yellow Bird came on the scene in March 2016 when they participated in the first female founder focussed programme, Lightning Lab XX. The cohort consisted of 9 teams, 18 individuals and seven lab techs from all over New Zealand. The programme received ongoing support from almost 100 mentors who encouraged the ventures to move at lightning speed to achieve their goals.

Following the programme, Little Yellow Bird continued to excel in their field, accumulating supporters from all over the place, and we are so proud to have witnessed them flourish into a successful business, which will continue to grow and guide the fashion industry to a more ethical supply chain.

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