Giving you confidence to work with innovation methodologies. 

A Nano Degree in Innovation is designed to teach innovation methodologies that are used at some of the world's leading companies including Google, Tesla and Apple. 

You'll learn: 

  • Applying Lean Methodology in a public sector environment and the use of “build, measure, learn” cycles for product and service innovation  
  • Using agile management (different to Agile Software Development) including the practice of the daily rituals in an agile environment.
  • The principles of Design Thinking and its practical application in the public sector environment.  
  • Mastering key challenges to allow and enable innovation in the public sector.  
  • Problem and target audience orientation – discovery and exploration skills, advanced interviewing and mapping capabilities, evidence and data-based decision making and innovation accounting.


Why should you sign up?


Have a space at the table with other companies facing similar challenges. 


Get immersive training and capability building.


Work on a cross-agency solution that is free from the usual decision-hurdles.


What's A Nano Degree? 

CHQ Nano Degrees are a micro-credential designed to upskill participants’ creative confidence, innovation skills and ability to re-imagine services that are transformationally better for customers and citizens. 

They are an immersive professional development opportunity that will give you the knowledge to apply innovation methodologies to your everyday work.  

The course gives participants the knowledge to apply innovation methodologies to their everyday work. You will come out of the course with knowledge about the tools and mindsets necessary to tackle complex problems or drive highly structured innovation programmes. At the end of the course, you'll receive a physical nano degree. 



The Structure 

PART ONE: 4-hour introduction to Innovation Methodologies 2-hours per week, per participant of Problem Discovery 

PART TWO: 40-hour Design Sprint where you'll answer critical questions by focusing on your problem, coming up with solution concepts, designing, prototyping and testing a solution with real customers. 


Upcoming Courses 

Nano Degrees are designed around a specific topic that is effecting the world around us. If you are interested in running a company or agency specific Nano Degree, please get in touch


PRE WORK: 6 hours prior to 14 Oct PART TWO: 14 Oct - 18 Oct

The way we work is undergoing it's biggest transformation since the open plan offices became de riguer. Automation, the gig economy, demands for better work-life fit are all shaping how we work. 

The problem statement for this cohort will be around the Future of Work and how we might make a positive impact in this area. 


PRE WORK: 6 hours prior to 18 Nov PART TWO: 18 Nov - 22 Nov

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today. Companies and governments must work together to lead an approach to climate change that can truly make a difference. 

The problem statement for this cohort will be around the challenge of becoming carbon neutral and how we might make a positive impact in this area. 


The investment

COST $4000 + GST per participant

DURATION 12-hours preparation time, 40 hours Design Sprint time.


About Us 

Creative HQ is New Zealand’s leading provider of structured innovation programmes for startups, corporates and government. Over the last 15 years, we’ve delivered hundreds of innovation initiatives with customers like Fonterra, Beca, TradeMe and Transpower. Our Innovation Specialists create an immersive learn and do environment - we won’t just tell you what to do, you’ll be doing it yourself and you'll be able to take it back to your team.  

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