Nano Degree

in Innovation

What is a Nano Degree?

Deep dive into innovation methodologies with our specially designed micro-credential.

CHQ Nano Degrees are a micro-credential designed to upskill participants’ creative confidence, innovation skills and ability to re-imagine services that are transformationally better for customers and citizens. They are an immersive professional development opportunity that will give you the knowledge to apply innovation methodologies to your everyday work.

What will you learn ?

A Nano Degree in Innovation is designed to teach innovation methodologies that are used at some of the world's leading companies including Google, Tesla and Apple.

In an immersive learning environment, you will develop your skills in:

  • Lean Methodology: how to use "build, measure, learn" cycles for product and service innovation.
  • Agile Management: how to use the practice of daily rituals and agile environments to work on projects.
  • Design Thinking: learn the principles of design thinking and how they can apply to your everyday work.
  • Problem Discovery and Audience Targeting: Get to the core of a problem and target the right audience. Develop empathy-based interview techniques, advanced interviewing and mapping capabilities alongside evidence and data-driven decision-making skills.
CHQ Government Services Innovation Workshop

The structure

Either in person or remote work

4-hour introduction to Innovation Methodologies
2-hours per week, per participant of Problem Discovery


40-hour Design Sprint where you'll answer critical questions by focusing on your problem, coming up with solution concepts, designing, prototyping and testing a solution with real customers. .


Why should you enrol?


Have a space at the table with other companies facing similar challenges.


Get immersive training and capability building.


Work on a cross-agency solution that is free from the usual decision-hurdles.

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