Creative HQ works with startups, corporates, government agencies and academia to innovate and enhance their offerings.

Below, we’ve listed our most common services. If you want to tailor your innovation experience to suit your organisation’s future, get in touch with us.



A Hackathon is an event over two days that provides a teaser experience of startup life and methodologies including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile and Investment Pitching. A Hackathon allows someone to pitch an idea, gather a team, develop a solution and then pitch to the rest of the cohort.

Creative HQ use experienced facilitators to deliver Hackathons across sectors.


A Creative HQ Design Sprint is delivered over 5 working days, using multi-disciplinary teams (of around 7-8 team members) with the aim to develop and test a solution concept to a specific business problem.

Creative HQ have delivered Design Sprints to a range of companies and agencies. We work within the highly structured process developed by Google Ventures and will facilitate with coaching and mentoring support on key techniques.


3 working days, rapid training environment (for up to 30 staff) with the aim to bring everyone up to speed on common innovation methodologies, techniques and tools.

We will introduce your staff to enterprise innovation, end-to-end innovation framework, design thinking, lean startup methodology, agile and the principles of exponential organisations.


The Creative HQ Agile Implementation Sprint takes 10 working days, using a multi-disciplinary team (of around 7-8 team members) with the aim of completing an end-to-end agile sprint including sprint preparation, creating a “backlog”, daily stand-ups, the use of agile tools (such as Kanban boards, Trello, etc) and a “retrospective”.

This format is particularly useful for teams and participants who are unfamiliar with agile management and would like to trial the use of sprints in a safe environment under expert instruction, coaching and mentoring.


The Creative HQ Problem Discovery Lab is a 4-week immersive programme at an offsite location with a small team of 3-4 participants (cross-functional).

The discovery lab covers the design thinking and lean startup phases of the end-to-end innovation framework and provides a “hands on” exercise in skilled customer-centricity in practice and is heavily supported by coaches and mentors to ensure participants get the hang of direct and effective interaction with (potential) customers and stakeholders.


The Creative HQ Customer Lab is a 4-week immersive programme at an offsite location with a small team of 3-4 participants (multi-disciplinary). The customer lab covers the lean startup and agile phases of the end-to-end innovation framework. Participants will go through a structured and iterative process of experimentation, solution hypothesis development, minimum viable product/service development, customer validation and refinement. The customer lab provides an experiential programme of “lean and agile product/service development” heavily supported by coaches and mentors.


The Creative HQ crowdsourcing competition is typically done as an innovation challenge that is open to the public (external) or to all staff (internal). The competition aims to tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” to find interesting approaches, ideas and concepts to a given problem / opportunity (or set of problems / opportunities). The crowdsourcing initiative is typically split into three distinct phases – preparation, execution and evaluation.

A well-executed crowdsourcing competition typically takes 6-8 weeks end-to-end and Creative HQ can help you at all stages to maximise success.


The Creative HQ Innovation Audit is done as a 4 week assessment programme to determine the organisation’s (or project team’s) capability, maturity and readiness levels. The audit typically assesses the following aspects of innovation capability:

  • Knowledge and use of innovation methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean Innovation, Agile)
  • Knowledge and application of standard innovation techniques (such as Design Sprints, Hackathons or Crowdsourcing Competitions)
  • The “Adaptability Quotient”, “Entrepreneurial Quotient” and team role profiling for all staff

The Audit provides a comprehensive report for senior management or governance bodies / programme management about the current state of the organisation / team (in terms of their innovation capability, maturity and readiness).


The Creative HQ DevOps Support is typically done as a project (for up to 6 months) until the internal DevOps team is up and running, and has the maturity to be self-sustaining.

The establishment and support services include tried and tested operating models, processes, templates and hands-on assistance through experienced coaches and DevOps experts.


Our Lightning Lab programmes are a 3 month, intensive programme with a cohort of up to 10 teams developing new concepts, products and services that can be rapidly implemented.

To learn more about our Lightning Lab programmes, visit the Lightning Lab website.


If you can’t find quite what your company needs, get in touch with us and we will work with you to find the ideal solution.

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