GovTech Accelerator Case Study

Empowering intrapreneurs to create change within government.

GovTech Director on stage at the Beehive
Who we worked with

Government agencies

What we did together

13-week Accelerator


Co-design, Applied Innovation tools

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“Westpac announces $375k over three years to solve NZ Inc issues through GovTech” – Stuff

Since 2018, Creative HQ has run a globally unique programme: the GovTech Accelerator. Running annually, across 13 weeks, the programme works with public servants to demonstrate how innovation at the policy level can enable systemic change and improve outcomes for citizens.

The programme focuses on developing capability within government agencies and provides a space for learning both innovation methodologies and the value of cross-agency collaboration. The GovTech Accelerator works to de-risk the public sector projects which have real-world potential to affect lives.

“I want to congratulate the GovTech accelerator for demonstrating just how important innovation is, it’s these examples that can teach all of us across the public sector how to make the best value out of the resources we’ve got, and how to innovate into the future for the betterment of the people that we serve.〞

Hon David Clark, Minister of the Digital Economy and Communications

How we did it

In partnership with Victoria University of Wellington, a study of the 60+ government staff who participated in the 2019 programme indicated 3 key skills developed through the accelerator:

  • Confidence and resilience. An improvement to their abilities in articulating ideas confidently, as well as a general increase in self-belief.
  • Leadership. Skills gained in self-awareness, honesty and understanding of team dynamics, negotiation ability, and improved critical thinking concerning product and solutions delivery.
  • Customer focus. Skills gained in design thinking, agile project management, service design, journey mapping, and problem validation.

The result

In its third year, GovTech 2020 saw the value of the network and relationships developed throughout the programme, with new collaborations beyond the scope of the accelerator. The third programme culminated in a showcase to over 250 guests, including Ministers, at a spectacular showcase (MC’d by Robbie Nicol) at Parliament.

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